I think my insulin is bad

Hi! Happy holidays to all. I live in Spain but in england. My bh has been in the 200s n 300s for like a week. There has been some overindulgence a. The roof of a gingerbread house. Stuffing. The regular. But this is ridiculous. I don’t know if my insulin is bad but a couple of days before I left my fridge door was left open for a couple of hours. Could this make my insulin go off? I’m using 8 or 9 times the bonus I need n still in the 200s. Today I increased my levemir 2 units to help. To no avail. Ideas? I’m not spelling ketones but I’m high all the time, apostasy is like water. V frustrateed!!!

Leaving your fridge door open for a few hours almost certainly had no effect on your insulin… Think about it, they mail insulin internationally and let it sit in customs for 18 days on its way to the USA with no refrigeration at all and it still works fine… I think it’s a lot more durable than we give it credit for in terms of temperature…

When I get out of balance and into a cycle of poor control it, it’s a cycle that sort of seems to have its own momentum and self perpetuate… I find that going to sn ultra low carb diet for a day or two, perhaps more, helps the metabolic roller coaster to lose some speed and momentum and smooth things out


I agree with @Sam19. The likelihood of bad insulin is very low. Here’s my trans-atlantic rx. You concede “some overindulgence.” So I take it that you’ve eaten more than usual and tried to keep up with the requisite insulin. I’ve found that more insulin usually leads to poorer control - it’s counterintuitive. For me, more insulin creates insulin resistance. That leads to higher BGs and more insulin and a non-virtuous cycle.

I encourage you to get back to the basics: normal meals, regular exercise, drink more water and get more sleep. Maybe skip a meal and do a 16-hour fast. Test a lot and keep emergency sugar close by.

I think you need less holiday-making and more normalcy. Just my 2 cents.


A bit of Dnial maybe happening here. U guys are probably right. Thanks for ur input. Ugh. Hate this annoying D during the hols…


I totally agree with everyone as well, but this did happen to me once and the highs never went away. Most likely its the overeating, I admit to it as well! :wink: All the yummy carb-a-licious food, who can resist for once or twice a year.
I switched to a different insulin from Novolog to Humalog. It did the trick, solved the problem. My doctor has encountered patients who build up a resistance to certain insulins. It does happen.
Once the holidays pass, maybe in another week or two, if the highs are still there then talk to your doctor to see if another insulin might work for you.
Wish you the best,

Do you have access to another vial? I would start there if available. If not, can you get one?

You might also want to try an IM (IntraMuscular shot) to see if that has any effect.

IMs don’t make insulin any more potent, they just make it faster acting. The advantage is quick response, not greater power.

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