I thought I wasn't strong enough

This is just something I can take a look at to remember it is not so bad and maybe share with people and other moms that its not the end of the world.

The day I found out my little girl was a diabetic was a hard blow to me and my whole family. I took her to the Emergency room because I thought she was having an asthma attack. The doctor just looked at her and told me she had croup, and then sent us home. I felt so bad for her she couldn’t breathe, could not get enough water to drink and had not eaten much in a few days. I took her dad something to eat on duty and all she wanted was him to hold her, but his command was making rude remarks that I needed to go home. So, I took my daughter home and put her to bed in the play yard next to the couch.

At two in the morning I woke up to her asking me for water and her laying in vomit, she could not stop until I picked her up to change her. I could not give her a bath because in the middle of the diaper change she was unconscious, I poked her and tickled her feet and she did not wake up. I called the hospital I took her to and told them all the symptoms and the nurse told me to bring her in or she could die in our home. When I got there she was immediately taken from me till they could get answer and start her on IV lines and test her blood. The nurse finally got an okay to see my little girl and she sat with me to whole night till the doctor came in and told me my little girl was in a coma and had type1 diabetes. The only feeling I had was hurt and anger towards me for letting her get sick. He explained it was not my fault and told me her diabetes could never go away and CHOC hospital was coming to get her in a matter of minutes. The nurse told me if I ever needed her she lived in the same housing area and gave me her number and told me I would be okay and so would my little girl.

My husband and I raced with the ambulance through all the traffic to make sure she was okay, the whole ride I cried and my husband said she was fine stop being so dramatic. Can you just imagine the person who loves your child just as much being so calm? I spent the first 12 hours of my day listening to therapist and doctors and grief counselors until I left. I got something to eat and came back, my husband stayed at her bed side for days and I made the trips home and back only to relieve him so the Marine Corps could be idiots and put him through so much while he had to deal with everything else.

After four days in the Children’s Intensive Care Unit she was wide awake and hating anyone who had a white coat or cloves or a tray coming into her room. She was very nice about the testing and poking and IVs. She said thank you and almost done to get through it and tried not to cry, the care she received was outstanding, her Endocrinology team moved her to a room on their floor and had a special surprise for her for Christmas almost every night. Minnie Mouse came and gave her a balloon and colored with her, Disney carolers, volunteers with fuzzy animals and Santa with little booties and a sweater.

That whole week was so tough about what she could eat what to give how to and when, Our Tri Care medical covered everything and still does. They even let her keep her whole health team and they paid for every supply. Sophia has been home a month and thanks to CHOC we have our little girl back with us and she is gaining the weight she needs and she almost knows how to set up to take her own blood at 22 months.

This experience did not cripple our family, yes it may test our patients thin and wear us out, but nothing ever could rip us a part. Just make a family stronger and more educated to make the decisions and learn about how she is just normal and it is not diabetes, it is a daily routine like vitamins and brushing her teeth.

I think that the biggest thing that we will ever have to face is the second birthday cake and what cookies to make daddy when he comes home after deployment. :slight_smile:

Wow. I can’t even imagine all the emotions that you must have felt on that day.

I’m glad that you found our community and thanks for sharing your story!

Sophia will grow into a beautiful strong woman!

Thanks for sharing this with us. I am sure your husbands wants to get home sooner than ASAP to be with you! And I suspect he was calm because he fell back on his training to slow down the clock doing an emergency. As time goes on you will do too( with ups and downs) because you will have become an expert mom to a T1 child.
Good luck and keep sharing so we can learn.

Thank you for sharing your story here at tudiabetes…I could never say I understand what that felt like but thank god she is doing well now and she is home with the family that loves her…she’s too cute by the way! There are many on here with type 1 children…HUGS!

thank you all and I do have faith that she will grow up to be strong and beautiful… but right now lets try two year if she can stop getting so smart MEH

Love you Sophia