I Told You So!

This was originally posted to my blog, Diabetes Odyssey.

I have been doing so good the past few weeks! It all started with a change in thyroid medication. That’s all it took, a simple change from synthetic to natural medication and everything just fell into it’s proper place. I don’t usually prefer or advocate for one type or form of medication over another, whatever works for the individual patient should be used, IMO. In this particular case natural is way better than synthetic for me.

I had been complaining for over a year that something wasn’t right. I felt like no one believed me. I felt like they all thought I was trying to skirt my own blame and put it somewhere else. But now I can say with proof that they were all wrong, that none of this was my fault, it was an illness, and medication for that illness that wasn’t doing it’s job.

I told everyone I could that I was continuing to gain weight even though I was eating to lose and exercising like mad. They looked at me like I was lying, like that just isn’t possible.

I told everyone I could that my BG’s just wouldn’t come down even though I was eating right and exercising, taking 2k mg of Metformin a day, and tons of insulin. They looked at me like I was lying, like that just isn’t possible.

I told everyone I could that my thyroid labs looked perfect but I still had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. They looked at me like I was lying, like that just isn’t possible.

I did my research, I figured it out, I changed my thyroid medication. And then everything got better. Just. Like. That.


That one simple change in medication and all of a sudden my blood-sugar levels are perfect again. One little change in medication and all of a sudden I am losing weight like mad! One little change in medication and all my hypothyroid symptoms are history.

I feel so good! I am motivated to actually try again! Now that I know my efforts will actually bring positive results instead of seeing nothing but continued high BG’s and weight gain no matter how hard I try to bring the opposite.

It feels so good to have everything working right again!


Hooray!!! What an incredible Happy-Making Story…Thank you so very much…Love and blessings to you and yours!..Judith in Portland!

Oh—just in case—I’m knocking on wood (my head, of course!)

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That’s great Tamra, I’m glad you’re doing so well! I’m still having symptoms and some bg spikes and lows but overall it’s a fair amount better for sure so far. I may need more t3 and to check some other things. I think the t3 is leveling out my bg a bit so obviously the t4 alone was not converted and may be causing reverse t3. That’s great you’re losing weight too! I don’t seem to get that common problem/ symptom with hashis and neither does my father.


What a wonderful outcome. So pleased for you.

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It sure feels like it takes forever to figure things out when we aren’t sure if there’s an answer out there. Way to solve a tricky problem! I’m glad you posted about it. Keep reminding people that problem is out there when people are troubleshooting. Valuable insight is never very easy to come by, and its worth repeating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT8gaiNVqOM

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