I used to be able to post images but cannot anymore

Tudiabetes member since 2010!

For many years I was succesfully posting detailed technical images and graphs in my posts here on tudiabetes.

Sometime in the past couple weeks, I lost this ability.

Is this a bug or a desired change or a result of me posting a picture I shouldn’t have?

I feel it would be a huge loss if I could no longer post technical pictures and graphs to try to explain my points. I am inherently a visual-spatial thinker and graphs and maps and diagrams and flowcharts are the media I use to communicate most effectively.

The mods have been fighting someone who keeps creating sock accounts and making abusive posts… with links and pictures. It might be a temp freeze until they figure it out.

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Uploading images works for me today. While it could be some setting under the control of the TuD Discourse program, it may be something on your end. There have been many operating system updates recently. What has been your recent history of updates for both your operating system and web browser?

I recently received a comment from @jack16 who made a similar complaint in another thread. Something is going on but it’s well beyond my comprehension and it’s not affecting everyone.

I just tried to put a link up to untethered for Sprocket1 but I have had that ability removed without notice or advisement.

I wish software would just take care of itself and stop posing riddles like this!

In the editor I can put in an image, and it appears in the preview just fine.

But when I hit “Reply” or “Post” I get a “Sorry, you can’t put images in a post” white pop-up over a grey-ing out of my entire browser screen

I would post a picture of the error message screen but… !!!

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I just edited my above remark to add @jack16’s similar experience recently. What operating system do you use? What is the current version? When was it last updated? Same questions for your browser.

All of a sudden I can post pictures again! Thanks to whoever fixed that!


While I flagged your post to bring it to the attention of the admins, the speed of this fix puzzles me. Glad that it’s working now for you.

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I don’t think anyone here did anything. Hopefully it’s fixed for good. :slight_smile: