I want a cookie

I admit it.

I want a cookie.

Yes, I know I shouldn't.
Yes, I know my bs will shoot up to 200 tomorrow when I actually digest it (gastroparesis).

I know how good it tastes.

Yes, that great taste will only last a few short minutes (the way I gobble a cookie, maybe less)
Yes, that cookie will probably just go straight on my hips.

I love cookies.

Yes, I know I should leave that last one for my husband (who doesn't have hips, the rat)
Yes, I realize it is a gajillion calories.

It's a CHOCOLATE CHIP cookie.

Yes, I know it is throwing away all my work this week (every time I eat a cookie, I'm pretty sure I gain 5 pounds)
Yes, there is no logical reason to place that baby in my mouth. (come to mama!)

I can't have that cookie.

The level on my life suck-o-meter just went off the scale. rats.

I buy 100 cookie calorie packs, from Nabisco. :smiley: They don’t have too many carbs, and at just 100 calories… I can get my cookie fix. :wink:

Precious just got me some of those! Portion control at the expense of excess packaging but, still, it’s a cookie.

Would eating a protein with the cookies make a difference in the bg levels? Like, a dab of peanut butter on it?

Friend of mine swears that if you eat cake while drinking Diet Coke, it evens out. LOL

I used the same tactic today. I had a curlie fry from Arby’s I said the carbs and calories were more spread out over the additional surface space so I could have one.

I love that Idea!

And if you break a cookie in half, all the calories leak out - - - lol

I’d probably eat 15 packages! I’m cookie challenged. Always great ideas Lizmari.
I’m just feeling blue cause I’m still stuck on that plateau.

Actually I don’t eat them very often – most times I win the fight. But boy, they were calling my name today!

At convenience stores, they have cookie packs with only 4 cookies in them… I buy one, sometimes. Give 2 cookies to the husband, and eat 2 myself. Since he’s right there, I can’t cheat him of his cookies… lol I’ll never hear the end of it! hehe