I want my courage back!

Oh, I sounded so full of trust…
But now, after some rough times I’m a little scared, too.
I’ve met some people with serious health problems because of their diabetes, and this really makes me sad.
Some of my friends say, I should not confront myself with people who strengthen my fears, but I think that’s wrong.
I think we have to feel with each other, instead of turning away, because something makes me afraid…
It seems I have to face these fears and find a consequence, but also trust.
Well, how can you be save? You cannot, I guess. You can only be honest to yourself, and take care.
But if I really take care of myself, I’m feeling much better and have much better thoughts on my head :wink:
Even if my BS are not perfect…

I’m trying to get back on that track!
There was a slogan on a t-shirt (was there a human being wairing it? g) i saw in the train:

“Try not. Do! Or don’t. There is no try.”

I think that’s good. I try to much! :wink:
But what I even love more is:

“Embrace Life. Embrace Diabetes.”

Thats just it. Trust is a Decision we take! Although it’s often not very easy.
I want to trust And to take care…

Child, take it day by day with alot of patience. Keep the faith. patti

What I’ve learned over the years while taking care of both parents prior to their passing, and both of my sisters, the best thing to do is step back, take a deep breath and clear out the cobwebs before you burn out. With all the problems I have I dont allow it to tear me down because I did burn out after my mother died due to diabetes and heart problems. There is a good book out there that deals with Diabetes Burn Out and it really helps. I keep the thought in the fore front: “Take care of Thy Self”. But I do listen to others to try to comfort them, but you can only do very little. I hope I didn’t you too confused, as I learned take one step at a time.

It is true about being worn down by those who do have multiple health problems with diabetes, but in the last 20 years I fell into that catagory of having multiple health problem. I have a friend who taught me a big lesson a few years ago and that is to not worry about those that are worse than I. I wanted to tell my friend that if he doesn’t grab hold of life and manage his diabetes but he is awaiting the day where his wife will be fitting him for a grave site. So please dont be sad for those of us who are having more problems. I agree with what you put into your blog “Embrace Life. Embrace Diabetes.” It is very true, we all need to embrace life and grab the bull with both hands and take care of our own numbers because the added stress that worrying about the worse off adds our numbers grow. I worry about others alot, but I also worry more of those who are healthy that they too wont become a diabetic.