I want to be nine again!

Today March 11th 2010 I vow to try my hardest to take a small step to getting my life and the my diabetes BACK on track. It’s a funny story really how when I was nine and diagnosed with diabetes I was so on top of things, it seemed as if i valued my life so much more back then. I knew what the consequences were and I knew I wanted to live a LONG healthy life like my doctor’s told me I could. And then the teenage years came along and I wanted to live like I saw every other teenager living; without the hassle of checking blood sugars and sticking themselves with needles all of the time! But now i’m damn near 21 years old and I need to live a life where I feel happy and energetic and healthy again!! I want to be nine again!!!

Most important thing is you are back on track! I wish you the best =)

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

I feel the same way and I’m 30! I was diagnosed at 18 months old and my mother took great care of me as a child, I would even get grounded if I didn’t test or keep a good log of my bs…I want to be nine again too!!!