I want to start riding a bike, but have some questions

Hello All, it seems the more I read D forums and blog four major forms of exercise come up all the time:


Now I am sure there is more, but this is just something I noticed. Anyway I tried walking and I like it, but it can be boring after a while and I would like to mix it up some. I though I might try biking, strictly on the road for now. I was thinking of picking up a cheap bike road bike at walmart or at a garage sale or something. I do not want to spend a ton of money if this exercise doesn’t work out for me.

So the questions I have are what are some of the other essentials I will need, baring in mind I don’t want to spend any money

How long should I bike for? Also very close to my house are a lot of steep hills, but then the roads level out so this needs to be taken account for.

Where can I find the cheapest bike? :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks everyone for letting me pick your brains.