I was a JDRF poster boy

I thought this would be fun to share with the community.

I was diagnosed T1 at age 5, back in... 1984. My mother, obviously wanting to do everything she could to learn about--and fight--this thing, began working at JDRF (back then known as "JDF", they added the "Research" part of the name later) in their new office in Hollywood, CA. They decided to launch a fundraising campaign using donation canisters at supermarket and restaurant checkout counters. According to my mom, it was a pretty hard sell because diabetes awareness was extremely low back then and everybody was already doing the Jerry Lewis charity at their checkout counters.

Anyway, JDF apparently thought I was the perfect little diabetic child to elicit pity from shoppers. So they featured me, with Stuart Damon, star (at that time) of General Hospital (OMG, soap operas... how 80s this all is, right?) on the change canisters. I guess he was pretty involved with JD(R)F as he has a diabetic child.

I only have one of the canisters left, unfortunately, and it's in not-so-great shape. Years ago, mistaking the box for trash, movers accidently took my mother's box of remaining canisters with some garbage to the dump. The paper's fading, the can is rusting a bit, but I keep it on my desk and have an interesting story to tell whenever people see it.

The headline is:
"Treat a Child Who Can't Have a Treat"

Wow, what a wonderful story… and what a cute little boy you were, too! :slight_smile: I think I had a haircut, just like that… and I was about the same age… lol

“Treat A Child Who Can’t Have a Treat.” Great slogan! How cool to still have this. Bet your precious face brought in a lot of change.

Awesome that you keep it on your desk for everyone to see.

oh my, that’s Alan Quartermaine!

LOL, yes it is! There was a strong soap opera presence at JDF at the time. In addition to Stuart Damon (Dr. Alan Quartermaine), Gloria Loring from Days of Our Lives, along with her husband Alan Thicke, were major fundraisers, too. They all had type 1 children, as far as I know.