I was just TOLD that marijuana can replace insulin

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Well.... I have to shed some light on this subject. I did a personal study in high school of the effects marijuana had on glucose lvls. I stopped all insulin intake for 6 months and only smoked weed to maintain proper levels. It seems that the THC or some other chemical in the smoke was causing my sugar levels to decrease. The better the quality of the thc content the more it would effect it. For that 6 months, my A1C was better than it had been for over 3 years. So yes, Marijuana can help with Type 1 Diabetes,

I have 3 3 ring binders full of the stats. I kept track of all exercise, food/beverage intake, sugar levels, weed quality, weed intake and so on

why did you go back to insulin?

Because the risk of jail time for possessing the weed was not worth it. And I ended up with insurance

This isn't the dumbest, but out of the mouths of babes. About a year ago we were talking to my son (4 then), about germs and how to be careful not to spread or get them. As a family we were just getting over a nasty stomach flu. I had gotten so sick one night we had just about every paramedic, fireman, and police officer from town in our bedroom. Not something I ever want to go through again. Anyway, after our germ talk, my son wanted a sip of my water, then asked if he drank from my cup would he catch my diabetes. He was so sincere. Almost as cute as being asked if I was alive when the dinosaurs were.

I don't know about marijuana's effect on lowering a1c reading in case of type 2 but I observed that bitter melon can reduce a1c reading temporarily but again I don't know the long term effect.

" ... and the population of Colorado just tripled." ;)


Stupidest things I've heard are: That type 1 are always slim :)
Or that type 1 are always gain a lot of weight.
Or that if only you could switch to pills, everything would be much better!

Yep that is true. I mean you smoke you get high, and you don't even care about BG any more everything is just fine :D so it can replace insulin, at least you die happy )