I wish nobody knew about my diabetes

I’m 10 weeks pregnant now and my boyfriends side of the baby was so worried about me being pregnant bc I have diaebtes. Actually the first thing his mom said was"you can’t do that!" She thought I was gonna die. It’s hurtful that it’s the first thing they think of. I do get it’s a big deal but I wish they didn’t even know I had it. I wish the first feelings could have simply been joy but instead it was fear and then after reasurance happiness comes. It’s like they think it’s impossible for someone like me to have a healthy baby and I hate how diabetes is associated with eatting bad (even for type 1 b/c nobody flippen knows what type 1 is)… I eat fine and of course his sister told his mom I need to start eatting better (I’m at a healthy weight?) I eat a balanced diet. I’m pretty sure I eat better than most maybe all of them simply bc I do have diabetes and it’s taught me how to be healthy. I’m one of the smallest ones in the family I obviously don’t have diabetes due to bad eatting habits. It’s just hurtful and annoying but I know once our little miracle is here nobody will be thinking it’s impossible anymore.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Unfortunately, I think it is your job to help educate them. It is sad that your boyfriend’s family is holding onto the antiquated (and disproven) thought that diabetic women shouldn’t have babies. There are plenty of us with diabetes that have had normal pregnancies and healthy babies. It is hard work but it can be done!

Pregnant or not, it always seems like people will look at what you eat just because you have diabetes and evaluate every bite. You can only do so much about that but be extra diligent and extra patient, although hard. Your boyfriend also needs to be your biggest advocate and help his family understand that you CAN do it.

Talk to your endo and/or neonatologist/obgyn for resources that you can share with naysayers and do the best you can for yourself and your baby. We’re here for you and know it is possible- from personal experience!!

Best of luck, Jamie!!! It’s a very exciting time. We understand!

Its so sad how uneducated people are, I am so sorry! Congratulations on your pregnancy! How far along are you? I am 5 weeks, due Christmas day.

Congrats on your pregnancy! Unfortunately, I think a lot of people have distorted views of diabetes in general and, especially, diabetes during pregnancy. We can thank Steel Magnolias for that one. I agree educating his family on diabetes and pregnancy is probably the best thing that you can do. Once your LO arrives happy and healthy, I think their outlook on diabetes during pregnancy will change! Keep up the good work and good luck!

Congrats on your pregnancy and sorry you are faced with ignorance. It really does suck when people choose to make ignorant comments rather than ask questions. If you don’t have the patience to educate your mil than have her come with you to one of your endo appointments and express her concerns. I will always take the time to educate someone who is genuinely concerned and those who prefer to remain ignorant…well, like diabetes, their stupidity will remain a chronic condition ;o)

The first thing my MIL said to my husband was “is that safe”!? Even though four years previous I delivered a beautiful and healthy little girl. People without diabetes are so ignorant about it and they think that they know everything. It frustrates me to no end. Another thing that my MIL said in front of me (and about me); I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was about 21 (due to non-diabetic fears… had totally nothing to do with my diabetes what-so-eve)r. However, she was asked by her sister why I didn’t have my license and she actually said “because she is a very bad diabetic and has been in and out of the hospital”. I was SHOCKED. I have never been “in” the hospital from my diabetes. LOL- that is another thing that drives me crazy, when people say I am “a really bad diabetic”. Ummmm… no… I have Type I diabetes, I do not have diabetes really bad. UGH

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I totally agree… It’s about education!!! But even though I take care of myself people still question!!! You can still talk about it until you’re blue in the face. Some people just don’t get it. Even some of my family after 14 years…

I’m faced with a similar situation now. Convincing my husband I am healthy as a diabetic to carry a child.

Things will work out!! Best of luck!!!