I woke up with a 39 blood sugar ! this can kill the average man so i guess that makes me a superhero

4.4% variance is 2 points at 44mg/dl. For reference at the higher value of 366 mg/dl the clinical variance is 9 points.

Hey, 39 is pretty bad. Hope you’re feeling OK now?

My worst (so far) has been 36 on the meter.

We are legends!!!

Yeah, multiply by 18. Still pretty darn impressive.

I hit 39 about 2 miles into a planned 8 mile run once, realized that it would eat heavily into my glucose stash so I had 3 or 4 tubes of Smarties and sprinted 2 blocks to get some adrenaline going, ran another mile and a half or so and tested again and was up to the 70s and kept running the rest of the way. That may have been the story that helped grease the skids to the CGM?

I don’t remember exactly what my lowest has been, but it was in the 20s, or possibly even the teens. Either way, I was still coherent because I have never passed out due to a low knock on wood!!

My endo recently told me that women have a higher tolerance for lows than men do. I asked him why but he didn’t know.

nothing to brag about.

just glad you woke up.
i woke up with a 32 before and still in awe i am still around.
i have had close to 0 before but body was in shock and cudn’t move, but my body was jerking wildly and thank goodness my friend had spent the night.