I wonder about Judge Sotomayor's BG during the hearing

Anyone else watching the hearings? As I am watching, I’m wondering what her BG is. Was she nervous about going low today? How close is her kit? Did she err on the side of being a lil high, and if so, how is she feeling? If she is higher, is it making her feel tired and/or less sharp?

Just things I am wondering today as I watch these hearings. Anyone else?

Does she pump? CGM?

I bet that she would rather be a little high rather than risk a low during such an important time of her life. If she doesn’t pump, I would say that she must have taken a regular dose of Lantus to keep DKA at bay from high blood sugars and eaten a high-protein and high-fat breakfast along with a nice helping of carbs.

Yes! I’m watching! Or I was before the lunch break. The woman is a SAINT having the patience to listen to all the bloviating. But I was wondering about her BG, too, and also wondering how the broken foot (foot or ankle?) has affected her numbers.

Can’t wait to hear her opening remarks…

Maybe she has really, really good adrenal control? I suspect most people in high and public places must!

I was thinking the same thing about if she went low and the potential backlash!

She does seem very calm… love it! But I know many of us “present” as calm and really aren’t inside, ya’ know?

All I wonder is: Will she stop July 14 at 4 pm ET U.S. and test her blood sugar with the rest of us!!!