I wonder as a caregiver of a type 1 and type 1 myself?

Are there things that you think at a particular time and it is not weird but then all the sudden you are like wait did I really just ask that or say that?? you know only something that would come from a diabetic?? I ask because my 2 yr old was playing with the dogs while I was on the phone with a nurse friend of mine and I looked over and yelled at her saying “nooooo!!! don’t eat the dog food I don’t know the carb count for it!!” My friend on the phone just cracked up laughing and I was like what! I don’t they don’t list that on the dog food I mean I am sure I could call the company and find out but really don’t want to!! and she is cracking up even more at this point. I was all mad at this point till she said no it is funny because parents of non d kids don’t worry about the carbs of the dog food they are telling the kid it is bad for them or nasty and you were not at all worried about that no you were purely worried about the carb count!! I just sat down and laughed she was right so I wondered am I the only one like that?? I mean I don’t remember my parents worrying about stuff like that but then again I was a kid so really was not paying to much attention. so tell me parents and caregivers of d kids has something like this ever happened to you??

I am so sorry, sitting here, alone, at 6.15am and laughing!

I am not sure I have said anything like that, but I have been known to check the carb content of a package of soap powder!

yeah it was just weird to think about it after the fact lol

Haha this one will go down as one of the greatest D quotes of all time

OMG, this is hilarious!

Wow…you just made my day! LOL

Thanks it must just be me with my weird mind lol I just think diabetes is always the first thought in my mind and then every other thing in life is in second place.