I won't do that again

Well, like they say “learn by doing”. I learned alright. I had heard from others on different sites that you can retrieve insulin from an almost empty reservoir and redeposit back into the bottle. Don’t do it. I done this at least twice so far and it backfired this weekend. I had really good blood sugars on Thursday. I had just changed my site the day before because I had ripped it out. I changed just the infusion site and hooked back up to the pump. The reservoir needed to be changed when I got home on Thanksgiving night and there was still some insulin left in it. I pulled it out with a syringe and redeposited it back into the bottle. Friday Morning at 2 am my blood sugar was 198 and remained like that all day and creeped up to 300 by 8 pm. I thought it might be the insulin so I threw out the two bottles I had on the table and filled my reservoir with fresh insulin. Voila, blood sugars have been within my target range at bedtime, early morning and within two hours after eating. So whatever you do don’t attempt to reuse the insulin left in the reservoir, Throw It Out.

Very true. I’ve been stuck without a job or any money a time or 2, and reused very small amounts of leftover insulin from the existing cartridge with varying success. BUT I didn’t put it back into the vial, just added new insulin to the same cartridge and mixed it well. That at least avoided contaminating what was still i the vial, and I never id it with more than 20 units or so in the cartridge already.
I DID test fairly often while running that cartridge, and found it necessary to increase dosage slightly to make up for the loss of strength in the onld insulin.
So basically it isn’t a good idea if you have any choice, and may not pay off well enough if you’re too broke to buy insulin just then, since you’ll use more insulin and test strips. Really not worth while, and I only did it a few times.

great tip. my husband asked me if I did that, I told him for some reason it seems dodgy. I used to throw out the insulin bottle after multiple usues back in the injection days. Rather like not drinking the last drop of red wine from the bottle.
Now I know NOT to bother

why would you put it back into the vial? i go in the opposite direction … if my reservoir is getting low and, for example, won’t last until i return from work, i pop it out and fill it again to the top. usually there are 8-10 units of novolog still in the reservoir that mixes with the new. never had a problem.