I wore black today


to support the Jena 6. It is a very complicated story, but one that cannot be ignored.

Click this link to find out more.

It is really scary to think that such blatent racism still exists today!

I typically do not double post on my Wordpress blog and here but this deserves all the attention it can get!


My family is from Jena, Olla, and Tullos LA. which are small towns all contected in LA. The media has twisted this into a raciest issue. The “6” have commited horriable crimes in that town that should NOT be ingored just because of the celebrity connections and the media hype they have attracted. not only attempted murder but they also have tried to burn down the school. SO many of the citizens of Jena are not willing to speak up about the terror these kids have caused this community out of fear for what would happen to them. and I am not talking about white citizens. NO one knows the TRUTH unless you live there.