I would like to see a SIGNATURE feature (or is there one?)

too many times I have to ask people what products they are using. If someone complains about sets hurting and I don’t know what pump, for example, it makes it hard to respond without wasting time asking them. I’m not going to go running off to their profile in hopes of getting the appropriate information.

For example, my signature would be:

T1 since 1978 MM 530G Enlite Sure-T

I can add that to the list, but I have to be honest I think the response will be that it is superfluous. That information will be available on your “card.” When you click on someone’s icon their summary card pops up and that information (or whatever you want is there). If you click on my avatar you can see how you will be able to put stuff on your card. The full features are not in place yet but will be shortly.

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@Brian_bsc The ‘solution’ that there’s another way to get information is not really a good one - after all, more clicks, more page loads - aside from more load on the server/net, it’s more inconvenience for the users. Why not make things as simple and useable as possible?

tis a shame. People being people, the simpler something is, the more they use it. I for one, would rather glance at the bottom of a post for the poster’s diabetic type and treatment methods. I don’t need to look at their more personal info, and I’m lazy. Nearly every forum I am on, has a signature feature.

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I am quite willing to add it to the list of requests but I have to be honest Discourse does this card thing much much better than ning. We never had signatures on ning. You had to go to someone’s profile and look through stuff to find out key information about them. And the pop up card is a neat elegant way of addressing this fundamental need. If anyone wants to end their post with a signature they are free to do that. Some users routinely did that. Heck, you could create a custom graphic and put it at the end of each post:

BSC, Type 2 until I’m not

Do I understand correctly that the “card” is the pop up we get when clicking on a user’s icon, and that IN THE FUTURE, the info on that card will be editable?

Yes, all members should be able to customize their card, choose a background, create the text, etc.

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I think the “signature” is a great idea. It adds to the relevance of a post to be able to see straight away where that person is coming from, what is their experience. Not only T1 or T2, but pump & CGM usage & time since diagnosis, maybe this is getting too long.