iBG Star?

Is anyone using the iBGstar? I saw a demo at a conference last month and was really intrigued. I have stuck with the Medtronic pump in part because it integrates with my meter, but I think the ease of using an app on my phone to log and the really nice graphing features of the iBGstar would make up for the lack of integration with a pump.
If you are using it, do you have the iphone 4 or 5? I was told by the rep that although it currently attaches to the 4 the adaptors for the 5 will work. Has anyone had a problem with that?
Does your insurance cover the test strips? I called my insurance company and was told the meter would be covered, but they weren't sure about the strips.
Sorry this is so long. Thank you for your input.

Here an "informed" iBGStar fan link

and here the new Contour Next (link): it's like the "old" Contour USB, but wirelessly connect to medtronic pumps.

First impressions about the new Next Link (link)

PS: Bayer uses new "next" strips, more accurate

I was sort of miffed when I learned that the CGM didn't use the linked meter but it didn't take me that long to get used to not using it. I like the idea of having a meter linked to something that will interpret the data a bit more than most meters. I used the One Touch UltraSmart before I got the pump and liked the interpretive features of that meter.