iBGSTAR sale

FYI, just got an email that Walgreens (in store and online) will have the iBGSTAR on sale, $25. off, starting Sunday.

Anyone using it? Can you review?

We bought one the day it went on sale last this past spring. The technology is really neat and the meter itself is teeny tiny. Unfortunately, by the time you add your test strips, lancing device, etc., the whole package takes up almost as much space as my son’s OneTouch mini. He only used the meter for a couple of days before switching back.

At the time we got ours, our insurance company did not have the meter or strips in their system and wouldn’t cover them. We used the discount card the company offered to buy our first round of strips, but they’re cost prohibitive if insurance doesn’t cover them. We pay $60 for 900 OneTouch strips and we paid about $75 for only 100 iBGStar strips. I don’t ever want my son to feel he has to be stingy with his testing because of the cost of strips, so the iBG system just wasn’t a good fit until insurance covers them at the same level as the other strips. That issue may have been resolved now that the meter has been out a few months - we haven’t gone back to refill the prescription. At the time we were getting strips, our mail order pharmacy did not carry the iBG strips and had never even heard of them.

Regarding the meter itself, in our trial run, we found the test results to be close enough to his other meter that we were comfortable. The biggest downside to me of the meter (aside from the strip cost) is that it runs on a rechargeable battery and has to be charged every day or two. I really like the fact that the OneTouch battery lasts for many months and we don’t have to worry about recharging on a regular basis. We have a spare battery in the meter case, so if it goes kaput, we can fix it right away - no electrical outlet needed. With a teenage boy who frequently lets his cell phone run out of charge, I am really reluctant for him to be dependent on a meter that has to be recharged.

Also, when we bought it, we thought that when my son uploaded his data to his iphone, I would be able to view it on my iphone automatically without him having to do anything. I loved that I could check on how he was doing throughout the day without having to ask. That’s not the way it works, though. When uploading, he had to go through extra steps to send each reading to me. If he’s going to do that, he might as well just text me his numbers. It didn’t solve the problem of me being able to check on him and have peace of mind without him knowing I was checking on him. I try really hard to keep tabs on him without nagging or being too intrusive and thought this would be a great solution - it wasn’t.

All in all, we liked the idea of it more than we actually liked using it. We’ll drag it back out and use it from time to time, but it won’t be his everyday meter, especially given the need to recharge constantly. If the issues we had aren’t a problem for you, it’s a pretty nifty little gadget.

Thanks for the thorough info! I was hoping I could leave it attached to the iphone and carry a really small pouch for lancing device/strips. I use the One Touch that communicates with my Ping mostly, but on the few occasions when I want to carry a small bag it's just too big.

I'm checking as to whether my ins will cover the meter and/or strips... if they do I'll give it a shot.

The size is great - just adds about half an inch or so to the length of your iphone. It does not have to be attached to the iphone to work - you can read your bg on the meter itself. For your purpose, it would probably work really well - it definitely has a footprint that’s just a fraction of the Ping remote’s size. Good luck!

I agree with a lot of what was already said, so I will just add that if you have a phone case on your iphone, the meter will not dock properly to connect. You will have to remove your case completely to get it to work. My phone case is not easy to remove- I have to pry it apart with a butter knife! So for me, it also sits on the shelf mostly.