IC presets

I know I can create a basal preset, such as cutting it in half for excersize. However, can I create an IC ratio preset?

for example, I have three days a week I am computer bound for hours, and I need to change a ratio for just those meals.

No, you can only create a daily program of ratios ie. 12-6=18, 6-5=24 etc. The best way to handle different daily exercise is with the basal programs. Set up a program where you double the basal rate during chair bound periods ( for example ). This is as it should be. When you change exercise patterns it is your basal requirement that changes, not the bolus


When/why would a person need different I:C ratios for different periods of the day?

How many different periods in a day do you think the I:C ratio program should support?


I would like more I:C ratio pre-sets. There are only four and my 11 year old son needs at least 5. We have had to compromise and adjust for this which defeats one of the purposes of a pump.

1. breakfast 1:9
2. morning snack 1:15
3. lunch 1:12
4. afternoon snack 1:15
5. supper 1:12

Hormones that are released in the morning usually will make you more insulin resistant for breakfast - my daughter requires twice the amount of insulin for breakfast than lunch or dinner...

Thanks Celeste and Beth!