Idaho Earthquake

Did anyone living in or near Idaho just feel that earthquake?

Magnitude 6.3 quake: Western Idaho (USA) on Tue, 31 Mar 23h52 (5:52pm MT)

I’m in Calgary, 800 miles north of Boise, and we were rocking and rolling

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Wow … thanks for the post, @Jim_in_Calgary … my prayers are with everyone!

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That’s impressive

I live in Idaho. Around 5:00 our neighbors called and said that they didn’t feel it but another neighbor’s whole house shook. We didn’t feel a thing and I am very glad. I hate earthquakes.

Lots of friends all over the area felt it and then others didn’t feel it at all.

We live quite a distance from the epicenter.

The other day I thought I felt a slight tremor, but nobody else did.

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This is all that was lacking.