Ideas for healthy eating on a budget


We named our first chicken riggy as in chicken riggies :slight_smile: The duck we named Friday (were Catholic) but it died.


Hi, I plan a menu for a week.I base my menu an what I have already and what I need to buy I try buying in bulk. I grow a lot of vegetables so if anything that is in my garden that can not be put on my dinner plate then it goes and is replaced with something that can :slight_smile: At the supermarkets etc I try and go for specials.

Hope this helps


I have a suggestion on helping to plan meals. I make out menus each week and that is the way I shop. I lalso use the specials in the paper to choose which meats, etc we will use for the week. On planning the meals, whomever is going to be here whether for a few days or weekend or whatever, they have a say in the choices. If it is kids who will be here, they have to add ideas to the menus so that i am not the only one who makes all the decisions. So I would suggest that if you want to help plan the foods, take a piece of paper and write down ideas from everyone i don’t know how old your kids are, but my grandkids have amazingly good ideas
I have seen such good ideas on here about conserving and planning and stretching that everyone is helping me to do even better. Thanks for all the great input.


I have Master Cook and it has been setting on the dusty shelf for a long time. Thank you for the tip!


I would also love to know this too