We often have ideas to help others with diabetes…such as but not limited to - see your doctor and diabetes educator(s); take your medications (insulin); exercise; eat a healthy diet; check your blood sugar (glucose) levels regularly; have a healthy and meaningful relationship with your God and family; be involved; manage your stress; and many others…

please add to the list without taking what someone else has said be original and have fun!

Now it’s your turn…Go:__________________________________________________________________

Wake up each morning thinking of three things you are grateful for.
  1. That my husband is back from CA after 5 months away.
  2. That after 42 years of this disease I still function and I have a job.
  3. That I live so close to my beautiful nieces Calin and Avery, and Avery presses the buttons on my pump and says to her mommie, I gave Auntie Karen her medicine.

it’s realy a great idea.
thanks Phil.

Do not let diabetes define you,asthma never define poeple who have it for life.

Live your day,yesterday does not count,tomorrow:I do not know

Don’t spend too much time thinking about fears, instead spend time thinking about your positive accomplishments and dreams!

Thank you Jessica I live each day in fear, but trying to changing my mind set.

sooooo true. Books have helped me while reading them, then bam back to negative thoughts.

Yes it is a persistent problem and is fought through good reading, exercise, good supportive friends, and whatever other things we can come up with on this thread to share with the world!
The more we can focus on prayer - God - helping others the more our own pain and suffering can disapear for a while.

I love this photo!

Sometimes, i think it’s important to tell yourself, “never give up, never surrender!! am i gonna let some genetic code defeat me? NO!!” lol also, making lists is good for depression in general. so you can check off things and feel more positively about your accomplishments.

Remembering that not all of us are on insulin, my favorite ways of taking care of me and mine, is to not take life so seriously, laugh a lot, with others and at yourself; read much, fun reading and serious reading, have a hobby that takes you some place where the pressures of life are not, have one good friend that no matter what you can let your hair down, and loosen your belt.

That is very true, at times we seem to have too much time on our hands to think of the daily needs. We need to keep our minds occupited by thinking of ways to help not only ourselves but of those who have a very possitive attitude on life. There are more things to life than in fear of itself.

  1. Celebrate the small things. For example, getting up before 10am, or letting the dessert pass you by, or getting out for a walk. (Note: for some people these might be big things. If so, find your own small things)

  2. Do something for someone else. This should not be a “should” - that will just add stress. But if you find yourself in a position to help someone, or if you’d really enjoy volunteering on a project - do it! And remember, anyone answering a post here is helping someone.