Identification Tag

Recently I had an awful scare.

I had gone to a doctor’s appointment, went out to lunch with my husband, went to the local Hallmark store, and came home.

About an hour after I got home, I tested my BS and reached down for my Dexcom; I wanted to calibrate it. My heart stopped short when my hand only touched the fabric of my pants! OMG … where was my CGM! I looked all over my desk; looked in my satchel and my purse; I threw my coat on and ran out to the driveway to check it and the car … nothing!

Well, after backtracking through town, thank God someone found it at the doctor’s office and had turned it in to the front desk. I was so glad I found it, tears sprung to my eyes when the receptionist reached into her drawer and pulled it out! I still can’t believe I went a few hours without noticing it wasn’t there! I finger stick to bolus for meals, so it isn’t uncommon for me to not look at my Dex before meals, especially if it isn’t squawking at me, lol … but still!

Anyway, this got me to thinking and I now have a “Post-It” note inside both my Dexcom and OmniPod PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) with my name and phone number.

I’m a sewer/crafter … so, I plan on embroidering my information on a cloth and sewing it right into the inside flap of the Dexcom, which appears to be felt-backed leather. The PDM is black plastic, so although I will write directly on the case with a Sharpie, I am also going to attach a mailing label with super glue!

Dexcom and OmniPod would do us all a favor if they “made” a pocket to put an identification tag in.

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I printed one of those tag's (you know, the laminated tape printers that offices have for files) It says "medical equipment, if found call and my phone number." I put one on both my Omnipod PDM and my dexcom. Feel much better now.

I had stickers made up with my son's name and our phone number on them (best to use cellphone number in case things get misplaced when you're traveling and away from your home's land line). I've stuck them on the Dexcom, PDM and PDM case -- They've saved us more than once. Even had someone call from a local park to say they found a medical device on a park bench. It also makes me feel better knowing that I have everything labeled when we are at the doctor's office when they take the PDM, meter and Dexcom from us to download information. It gives me peace of mind that the right devices are returned to us and not mixed up with another patient's.

Great idea. I will print labels and add them to my PDM and to my Freestyle meters. I left my old insulin pen once in a Hardees Restaurant while on a trip, and when I called the restaurant (which was over 100 miles from my home), the manager said that someone had found it in the ladies' room and turned it in. She took my name and address and mailed it to me free of charge. God bless her! There are still good people out there in the world.

Thanks barbraann, I'm going to add "medical equipment" to my tag too. The receptionist at the doctor's office didn't know what it was, some odd cell phone or gadget was all she could think of.

Chris, the cell phone number is ideal! We do travel a lot and it surely would help if something awful like this happened when we were 200 miles from home. I like the idea of having it labeled for the doctor's office too; that makes a lot of sense.

SherryAnn, Yes, there are a lot of good people out there and I'm glad you and I ran into a few!! I like the idea of putting it on the pens too. I carry pens when we travel, just to be safe, should my pod fail. I date the pen, so I know when it has to be tossed, but I'm going to add my contact info on it too now. Thanks for the idea!