Identifying information label for Receiver

A previous discussion about a lost receiver had the great idea of putting a label on the receiver with identifying information. I thought it was a great idea and I have a nice label maker at work, so I thought I would make something. With a little effort, I was very pleased with the results and thought I would share with the group.

Here's the back of my receiver now:

I used a P-Touch labeler, and if IIRC a 24mm wide tape. When I rounded the corners and aligned it right under the DEXCOM info line, it looked like it was meant to be there.

Hopefully I won't ever misplace or lose the receiver, but at least now if someone finds it I'll have a chance of getting it back.

If anyone doesn't have access to a label maker, I would be willing to make labels for anyone that wants one. I've learned a lot from the users on this site and would love to help anyone I can. Send me a message through this site, or drop me an e-mail at

Best of luck and keep the good ideas and information coming,


Excellent job, Alan!

Beautifully done, Alan. But then it dawned on me that you might not want just anyone knowing your address and phone number, so another possibility might be if your doc would be willing to have his address on it instead. Or some other kind of neutral address. I wonder if Medicalert would be willing to consider such a program -- I'll call them tomorrow and ask, because now I'm curious!

I dunno... to me it's just like someone finding your wallet (handbag, purse, et al), right? If your ID is in there, well then they have your home address. No big deal, I wouldn't think.


I'm not too paranoid about anyone knowing my address, but I can certainly see where others might be. Especially if it belongs to a child. My other thought was, the only way someone will see the label is if I lose the receiver and then my concerns about getting it back would outweigh the privacy concerns.

now that is "spot on"

So I am assuming that have all the info that is on the back of the receiver in
some other place. I have needed it ocassionally when calling Dexcom.
Looks nice, I just have a piece of tape to the side with phone number and first
name, but sometimes it falls off.


I just labeled mine over the weekend prior to leaving on a business trip. I used 1/4" P-Touch tape and placed a label "Diabetic Medical Device" above the Dexcom label. I labeled it "If found please call" and my cell number. Hopefully I won't lose my cell at the same time I lose my receiver?

Good point Suzan. I didn't think to record the info, so I guess I'll be making myself a new label when I print out the ones that have been requested so far. I'll stash it somewhere in case I have to peel it off to find that info.


Those of you that asked for labels should be getting an envelope in the next couple of days. Hopefully you won't ever need to use them. :-)


Hi Alan,
I received the labels today! Thanks so much. This was really a nice thing that you have contributed to our Dex community.
Take care

Hey Alan! Thanks much -- packie received!! I appreciate you sending along several copies of it. Very nice of you to do this. I really appreciate it.

All the best,


Nice one Alan! Greatly appreciated. I'll send some of the Opsite Flexfix out this weekend for you to try with your sensor. Hopefully the heat from travel doesn't get to it.


Many Thanks! I haven't had a chance to shop around for the Flexfix yet, so this will be perfect.

Glad to help out everyone out!


The labels are fantastic. Perfect size, color, font.

Thank you so much.

I appreciate it.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.