Idlewild/Drive-In movie theater

Yesterday I went to Idlewild and Soakzone, which is a smaller, kid-oriented sister park to Kennywood. My local-grown friends had been raving about the new wave pool so a friend and I decided to check it out since we got our hands on some discount tickets. Idlewild itself was a series of spinny rides, with only one actual coaster ride. I thought this would be alright but after the 4th spinny ride or so, I was starting to feel like I might toss my cheese fries everywhere. One cool thing though was we went into one of those illusion houses that are built sideways to make you feel like you’re walking on the walls and I saw a woman there with the same insulin pump as I’m going to have (so excited to begin my training this week). Giving my stomach a break, we went to the wave pool for awhile. As to be expected for a summer day, it was totally mobbed with people especially little kids. The thing about little kids in a wave pool is that most of them had no concept of personal space, being literally right against me and seeing nothing wrong with that. As a general fan of random strangers not touching me, I found myself moving around a lot in the pool, lol. The worst offender was this kid who had to be like 4 years old, apparently alone in the deeper end of the wave pool. When the waves were turned on, he couldn’t keep his head above the water so he decided out loud to the rest of the kids around him that the best strategy was “if you can’t keep your head above the water, grab onto somebody else.” A good idea perhaps in theory, but I myself am not the strongest swimmer so a newly attached 50 pound weight really did not go well for me with waves pounding me in the face. After I pulled him off me, he still looked like he was struggling to keep up and couldn’t make it back to a shallower area of the pool. Not seeing his parents around or anyone approaching him, I decided it would be best to flag down the lifeguard just to be safe.

After that, I got out of the pool and my friend and I decided to get on the water slides instead. We got a double raft and as we were climbing awkwardly up the stairs with it, these two other grown-■■■ men (both were at least 35) literally pushed us aside running up the stairs with their raft. After we asked them not to line jump us, they told us “if you’re going up the steps too slowly, it’s our right to cut in front of you.” What the ACTUAL hell?

After we were done at the park, it was a nice enough night that we decided to go catch a double-header at the drive-in theater. I really wanted to see The Hangover 2/Bridesmaids, but my friend was really insistent upon seeing X-men First Class/Pirates 4 so I caved since I did want to see X-men as well and if I was really disinterested in Pirates, I could just go to sleep while she watched it. We hit traffic coming out of the park and arrived a little into the first movies. Not wanting to disturb anyone with our car, we asked the attendant which screen was ours and driving in the direction that she non-verbally waved her hand, we quickly parked and shut out our lights. We realized after about 5 minutes that in our hurry to park and not interrupt the movie for everyone else, we had parked at the wrong screen. and we were watching Super 8/Kung Fu Panda 2. My friend really did not want to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, so she walked over and told the front gate people that we arrived late and accidentally parked at the wrong screen. We said we were willing to stay through to the end of Super 8, but asked if we would be permitted to move our car during the intermission of our desired screen so that we could at least watch one of the two movies we paid to see. The woman was very rude in her response, saying that we should have known which movie was on which screen since we arrived late and that it wasn’t fair to the other patrons to move our car. Going as somebody who has never seen any of these movies, I thought this was a little bit unfair to be expected to identify a movie you’ve never seen from 100 feet away on another screen, based on the opening minutes and vague directions from the parking lot attendant. I understood the rationale behind discouraging people moving their cars, but I also didn’t really think it was fair to us as paying customers to have to sit through two movies we hadn’t paid to see simply because we were directed to the incorrect screen by the lot attendant. My friend tried to explain calmly that we weren’t asking to screen-hop to mix and match movies, we were simply trying to get to the screen we paid to see as non-invasively as possible. The woman told us in a few more words that we could either watch the movies at the screen we were at or we could exit the premises. Upset after this exchange, my friend who is a little bit of a hothead decided that she was going to move the car during intermission anyway because she’d rather go home than not watch at least one of the movies we came to see. We strained our eyes to see our destination screen and although Super 8 was already over, X-men was still playing, we waited until their intermission to move. We parked in the back of that lot and went to tinkle/get snacks. Since I carb-binged at Idlewild earlier in the day, I decided to play it generally carb safer and just get a hot dog at the snack bar while my friend got a slice of pizza, a hamburger, and a box of Raisinets (they’re my favorite, so of course I stole a couple). I miss the days when I could down a tub of popcorn, pizza, a burger, and candy totally care-free. We enjoyed Pirates 4 and nobody else there seemed to care that we moved, so that went well.

Back the grind tomorrow. :frowning: sad trombone