If Diabetes wasn't enough

I thought when I was diagnosed that having Diabetes was hard enough, but yesterday I was diagnosed with lymphedema in both legs. If only I had done something more to lose weight before I got this new diagnosis. I feel like a freak. There is no cure and treatment consists of massage and compression stockings (just what I need in 90 degree heat here in my town). :frowning:

I’m sorry that you were dxd. with this You’re right about having another chronic disease/condition. One is more than enough.

Although excess weight isn’t of benefit in most diseases/conditions, by reading up on Lymphedema, I didn’t see one word mentioned about weight. Losing it or otherwise.

As you know, compression stockings/bandages, compression pumps, manual lymph drainage(MLD) and range of motion exercises are the general treatments. I’m thinking aquatic would make it easier. In some cases, surgery is used with limited success. Hopefully using some of these treatments will make this condition less of a burden for you. Take Care!

Maybe I misunderstand what I read on one Lymphedema site that said “the more weight you add, the more lymphatic fluid there is for the lymph system to move around”. If I were not overweight, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten this condition? Thanks for your thoughts.

Perhaps some new information has been discovered on the causes? According to these 2 reputable medical sites(Granted - Scientists/Specialists are not 100% correct in everything :slight_smile: ), being over-weight is not the cause although it probably doesn’t help in the long run. If you want to and are able to, even losing 10 -15 pounds is recognised as a health benefit to a Person who is over-weight. Honest and repeated efforts in doing things that we need to do to help ourselves usually come with Successful and pleasing results.



YW! :slight_smile:

Well…I’m in week 3 of a 4-5 week treatment plan. I’ve worn compression bandages every day faithfully since I started. Yesterday the therapist took measurements of my legs and I was very disappointed to learn that there was only a small amount of reduction in swelling and in several places it actually increased. I did see my GP doctor yesterday and discussed the possibility of any of my medications contributing to the swelling. He removed one medication from my list, but I’m almost afraid to hope that it will make any difference.

I was really optimistic at first, but now I just feel like a bloomin’ freak.

Mayumi, I saw yesterday you asked about cellulitis & Lymphedema. I can’t find that post, so I will comment here – I didn’t have a chance yesterday and it was on my list to do today!

I had cellulitis back in 1999 but did not get Lymphedema then. I went thru a 2 year ordeal with my foot that started in 2005. I had MRSA and a bunch of other infections – every time they did a culture, I had something different. I ended up with Lymphedema after that. It is my understanding that any kind of infection can cause it, not just cellulitis.

I have the compression stockings but can’t use them. I had a bone graft in the foot of the leg with Lymphedema and the stockings are too painful to use. My leg is huge compared to the other one.

Mayumi, I pray that this will not turn into what I have. Although I have never been given a diagnosis I have big bubbles on my lower legs. Had some swelling and wore the compression stockings. All that did for me was move the swelling to the top of the stocking and left me with a nice swollen ring on my calf. Although they did stop the swelling in my legs while I wore them, I also saw no real change when they were off.

Several years later I ended up with a nasty infection that almost took my life. Since then, I have had these bubbles on my left calf. Started growing on the right calf now. These are embarrassing for me. I don’t even try to go in a pool any more.

Just keep doing whatever they tell you to do and lose weight as best you can.


I also had two bubbles on my lower left leg and when I saw the lymphedema therapist she told me they could be one of two things: a venous insufficiency ulcer or a diabetic ulcer. Either way she strongly advised I see either a vein doctor or a wound care doctor. Do yourself a favor and try to find either of these two choices that were given to me. I ended up seeing a vein doctor and I’m glad I did.

My legs are still swollen but my lymphedema therapist has taught me how to do the “compression bandages” and I will wear them for at least 4 weeks. Are they fun? No…but neither is an amputation from improperly healed leg sores. Let us know how you get on…no need to be embarrassed as you have done nothing wrong. I also get really depressed over this condition, but I’m too stubborn to totally give up. Hope you find something that will help you :slight_smile:

Been there done that Mayumi. I even had the things biopsied and all they could find was extra skin growth. I have seen a vascular surgeon and he had no ideas. If there is another specialist out there I would certainly go see them. Some where on this site is a picture of my “bubbles”.

But thanks for the advice. I still hold out hope that some day someone will be able to tell me what it is or how that infection I had in my leg caused this.

Have you seen a dermatologist - since the problem was extra skin growth? Maybe that kind of a Doc could give his/her opinion. It might be worth a try???

I so keep forgetting what I have posted and where on this site…lol. I think I am suffering from CRS (Can’t remember…).

I have seen the following doctors/specialists:

6 different family doctors (we have moved and changed insurance…a lot)
5 different endo’s
2 vascular surgeosn
2 dermatologists
1 doctor that specialized in the lymph system
2 kidney specialists
2 General surgeons

I know I have missed at least on specialist in that list. One of the recent endo’s I saw was only seeing me because he wanted to see the bubbles. Took pictures of them and measured them. Never looked at my A1c or blood work numbers. The only thing he said when he walked in the treatment room was “drop 'em”. For a while I thought he was a proctologist.

The dermatologist’s (both of them) gave me a cream to put on them. One endo I saw in Delaware thought the the creams thinned the skin and made the situation worse.

So there is my plight. But hey, I’m still kickin’!!!

Have you tried an Infectious Disease Doctor? The reason I even bring that up is: when my children were small (they are now grown) there was a young girl in their class that had what is called an elephant leg. Her parents had taken her everywhere including the nearest Shriner’s hospital. No one could tell them much of anything. They took her to the inf. disease Dr. and he worked with them and their daughter until they found a solution for the skin on her leg. She went through heck and back as a child and has blossomed into a lovely young woman who is a great Mom.

Yep, you’ve about seen em’ all, but somewhere out there has to be someone who may be able to help you.