If I could eat just one thing on the "forbidden" list, it would be

Hot Tamales!!! Lot’s and lot’s of Hot Tamales!!! Why won’t they make a sugar-free version?!?!?! Red Hots are pretty much way up there on my list too!

Peanut Buster Parfait!!!

When I am going out of this world, I expect someone to push one of these through the feeding tube.

Rick Phillips

A great big humongous HOT FUDGE SUNDAE!!! And don’t hold the pecans!!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

New York Style Marble Cheesecake. A slice that goes on forever.
And pizza
And veal parmigiana
And Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate

Cherry Pull’n Peels

I don’t really consider anything forbidden per se, but my favorite I-shouldn’t-eat-it-but-still-do-a-few-times-a-year is Taco Bueno. Mexidips and Chips meal. It’s at least a million carbs, plus a week’s worth of fat – but so disgustingly delicious!

chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn nuggets and a BIG piece of chocolate creme pie!

Corn Nugget Explanation here!

Yes to all of that!! I love corn nuggets.

This thread is making my stomach growl.

a warm cinnamon roll! yum :slight_smile:

Oh I used to love Hot Tamales. They are so addictive. I wonder if I could use those for treating a hypo, hmm.

Oh I don’t know what I would choose to eat . . . deep dish pizza maybe. Or Nutella.

Rice. I guess it’s the most basic & common food group for Asians, like bread for Americans except there are no low carb rice substitutes so I have eliminated it completely from my diet. I miss it =(

you speak my language, jessica. this would be my poison of choice.

Yes! I have, except I always tend to over-do and sky rocket afterwards :frowning:

Yep, that would happen to me too I’m sure. Once you start eating them . . . cannot stop.

Hahaha Cinnamon Roll for me too! Yum

We are going to have to plan a national meet-up where we split a giant cinnabon.

Substitutes are always that: not the real thing. But have you tried spaghetti squash, cooked and cut into little bits, or extruded tofu “noodles”?

Unlimited mashed potatoes—@#!bleepin’ carb bombs.

Mmm… spaghetti squash is delicious in place of pasta.

Three things I haven’t had since diagnosis: real maple syrup, Orangina, watermelon slices sweet and sour candy (once I open the bag, I can’t stop myself)
Things I’d love to be able to eat more often:
a fresh baguette, with real butter and Nutella (never mind I’d have to be at a Paris boulangerie to really fulfill the fantasy)