If I could eat just one thing on the "forbidden" list, it would be

chocolate expresso cake! or just cake of any kind…

I have Hot Tomales in my purse as we speak! I bought a bag of snack sized boxes at Halloween to carry with me to treat lows. One little box is about 13 g’s of carbs!

I agree on the pizza…really deep, soft crust with lots of cheese!
Or homemade chocolate chip cookies with lots and lots of MILK!

And a giant carton of MILK!!!

Yep, I was watching Rachael Ray when she was cooking with spaghetti squash with chili, so I’ve tried it out. Conclusion - better to just eat the chili, the squash was difficult to cut up and sort of expensive and didn’t end up tasting all that great. Sigh. Sometimes I cheat and eat like 1/4 cup of pasta to tame my carb cravings.

Forbidden? Psshhhh…

More like guilt-ridden carbmania (but so worth it)!

So, obviously I have a weak willpower, but if I could eat more of something or more than once or twice a year, it would be 3 things:

  1. Endless cheese tortellini with a pesto sauce
  2. Deep dish pesto pizza (I just really like pesto)
  3. Cheesecake!

Add pesto to my list as well.

home made macaroni and cheese… dear god do i ever miss my mothers 3 cheese cajun recipe; sometimes i wish i could trade my blood sugars and fitness for a plate of macaroni and cheese

And me! Love pesto!!!

I have got to stop looking at this thread when I’m hungry.

Today I’ve thought of:

A big stack of chocolate chip pancakes! Mmmmm… chocolate chip pancakes…

Half an industrial strength cheescake with chocolate and strawberries on top, followed by the other half a little later !

Oh I am feeling you on the parfait! I just love ice cream drenched in fudge and peanuts! Oh man!

Also on the list is a big stack of buttermilk pancakes covered in butter and swimmin’ in syrup! Oh yeah!

Today I’m thinking tiramisu . . .

A big stack of Ihop pancakes with loads of syrup,
White chocolate raspberry cheesecake
Ice Cream
Homemade chococlate chip cookies
Country fried chicken with mashed potatoes and pan gravy

homemade chocolate chip cookies sound SO good right now!!!


An entire bag of Fritos and chili cheese dip!

Cheese fries from Portillos.

Macaroni & Cheese. Lots of it.

Scoop (large !) of vanilla icecream topped with strawberries followed by a tablespoon of honey laced over the lot . Measures about 9 on my mouth watering meter !

OK, Jonathan:

We said ONE thing. Don’t be a little piggie!!!

Lois La Rose

maybe cinnabon will sponsor it. get an airport, we can all fly in crave up the cinnabon and pass out en mass. We can have extra insulin and double frosting. YUM YUM


Cinna-Meet-N-Greet 2009 at Indianapolis International airport.

Oh man I love it