If only meter sticks and suppleys grew on trees!:)

I was wondering today. What it would be like if all my DIABETIC SUPPLEYS were outside growing on trees like MAGIC!!! Think of all the MONEY! We would have and save. I heard of MONEY TREES. So way not DIABETIC NEEDS TREES! My tree would be the GOD SIZED LIKE THE TREE OF LIFE!!! In the animal kingdom. That would be truely a AMAZING TREE! one that keeps growing my every need…

It would be awesome!!!


That would make my world so much easier. And oh the money we would save! But the coolest thing would be if you forgot to order supplies…NO PROBLEM! There just outside the window, on the diabetes tree! LOL

If supplies were growing on a tree,then they would have a cure because there would be no profit in it.It’s always about the money.

Wow! I would LOVE this! I bet those would be the most beautiful trees ever. I’d like a bonsai-sized one, that I could keep in my house and would grow small meters, lancets and needles!

There you go, now I have a new tree to paint in my artwork. :slight_smile:

cool! would love to see it. And i want partcial credit for idea lol:)

Makes it easier, certainly. I’m lucky in that my current medical insurance pays 100% for all my diabetes supplies (strips, meter, lancets, etc.) and my Other Half’s insurance (same company/plan) also covers his metformin 100%. No co-pay, no limits on testing supplies, just the occasional day or two wait for things to percolate through when the doctor doesn’t write the script for enough strips. And I put through the order early enough in advance so that’s usually not an issue.

We need more medical plans like that, and insurers who understand that the costs of patients maintaining consistent, tight control now saves them lots of money treating complications later on.

Heard this cute little rhyme: If IFS and BUTS were candy and nuts, we’d all have a beautiful Christmas!!

It would be an awesome tree…but does anyone remember the cosby show episode when rudy wanted everyone to have a money tree? cliff had to explain to her that if everyone had a money tree, it wouldn’t work…it only worked when YOU had the money tree. Tmana has the best insurance (what carrier is it?)…sounds like she has the money tree for real.

: ) LOL

I have United Healthcare, through my last employer (still on COBRA).