If you and/or your spouse are a T1 or LADA, are your kids diabetic, too?

I worry about this as well. My boys are three years old and 10 months old. I was undiagnosed for the entire pregnancy with my older son and part of the pregnancy with my younger one. I breastfed for as long as I could and I give them Vitamin D supplements.

Both my husband’s parents have T2, but so far he’s good. He’s 38.

My dad was LADA, but I was born several years after he was diagnosed. I was diagnosed at 12. My brother is fine (we are in our 40s now).
My dad’s family - me, 2 cousins, my dad, and an aunt were all T1 or LADA.
My mom’s family - 1 cousin is T1

I don’t care, I’m glad to be alive.I’m glad my parents didn’t look at that history and decide not to have kids. Diabetes is a PITA, but it isn’t a death sentence and my life is really quite good!

Im female, last week my nurse told me that a diabetic mother has 100% of her children being born diabetic. Also its not so much the problem of not conciving for diabetic women but more the issue of them miscarrying the pregancy. Hope that helps anwser your question.

My mom is T1, I am T1, and now my daughter is T1.

You need to find a new nurse.

Your nurse is full of it. I have twins, only 1 is diabetic.

My grandfather was Type I, my sister is Type I, my brother’s kid is Type I, I’m LADA, and my kids (ages 27 & 29) are “not yets.”

Did you have your HLA typing done? Why is there such a strong hereditary trend in your family? I will be getting my genotyping done to see if I have the susceptible HLA type and then get the same done for my kids, too. After reading so much about Vit D and reviewing my lifestyle for 2 years before I got my diagnosis (I was diagnosed at 30), I am very inclined to the possibility that I must have been very low on Vit D and that led me to get Type-1 diabetes.

All women on my mother’s side are diagnosed with type 1, and on dad’s side they are type 2’s.

Hi Roxanne, you say you did everything you know to prevent this from happening…can you give me examples? Right now, I’m also trying to prevent this from happening to my kids but I’m mainly ensuring that they get enough sunlight and vit D supplements. I don’t know what else I can do.

Hi David, did you get genotyping done? Any reason from the strong hereditary trend in your family?

Type 1 for 22 years, diagnosed when I was 32. I have 16 and 14 year old daughters, no sign of diabetes, but I worry about it still, maybe not as often as I used to. My mother was diagnosed with Type 2 in her mid-sixties, was healthy and fit in just about everyway. No other family members on my side or my wif’e’s with either T1 or T2.

My daughter is T1, and no one that we parents or the grandparents can think of has D.

At my daughter’s school, there are three other kids with T1. One also has a T1 patent. The other girls are sibling; they both have it but not their folks.

30% is high but 70% is much higher.

Can you elaborate? Where does this 70% figure come from?


That is a very helpful link, TS. Thank you.

Thanks, Roxanne. The Coxsackie B virus presents a strange conundrum: There is no known vaccine against this virus. But even if there were, would they be able to make it safe enough so that vaccinating itself wouldn’t set off the gene?

From you. You said “My wife recently was diagnosed as LADA because her gestational diabetes was not going away and subsequent tests for antibodies was positive. I don’t have a good feeling about my kids’ chances now… 30% chance is quite high.” I’m just noting that 30% is high, but 70% - your child’s chances of staying clear - are higher.

Thanks, carb101. I’m so warped in my thinking only about the risks that I never thought about the flip side.