If you are going to claim it then work on it

Not a rant or a rave just real life and maybe help a friend or make an enemy.

Started March 6, 2010

You got to love stupid people, laughing out loud, as I had someone say “oh I can’t eat that I am a diabetic!!!!! “ I stopped and thought for a second ask him “really? What type are you?” Just so you know it was crawfish, half ear of corn, garlic, onion and 2 new red potatoes that were boiled Louisiana style. This was a weekend get together picnic style and I thought since he had never experienced this would bring him a little of it all.

Him: I can’t have sugar you know what I am saying?

Me: I know what it means how long you been this way?

Him: For about six months now.

Me: Being the sarcastic person I am had to just let a little of it out after I noticed he has a few beers. I told him well just have the proteins and avoid the parts that turn into glucose so quickly. Knowing that he should have had an education class but not listening to what they said anyway.

And then I started to talk to someone that has some sense about them.

About 5 minutes later here comes his wife she asks if it were possible to speak to me alone?

Me: Sure not a problem if needed?

Her: She wanted to know if there was a meaning to speaking to her husband like that not rude but stern and confident.

Me: Yes there was a point he is drinking all he wants and he is worried about the small amounts of starches in front of him to me that is pointless. As he mentioned he takes his BGL in the morning and takes oral twice a day he is only just above borderline diabetes.

Her: How do you know so much about all this?

Me: Look in the bedroom there is a small refrigerator there beside the nightstand and if you like open those drawers as well.

She found my reference information from my class in 2002 it is only 15 pages or so and ask to read it.

Me: No problem if you like we will make a copy of it as it was free to me.

Now he does not answer calls or return them so have to wait and see where he decides to stand on this issue. As I say if you are going to have a medical problem you have to be willing to work on it or just don’t mention it to others.

Now here it is March 15, 2010 and I get a visit from the wife who wants some information and I refer her to the website first and to a class in the Baton Rouge area. I am sure he will think me as an enemy instead of a friend trying to help as she is about to rock his world when he gets home and there is no beer. I found out that he drinks 12 a day so may not even be a diabetic which I would receive as good news.

Haha “if you are going to claim it then work on it”! I love that. Totally understand what you mean. I’ve come into contact with a lot of people who like to throw it out there that they’re diabetic but have no idea what they’re talking about. Especially when they don’t realize they’re talking to someone who actually does have a clue! Good job doing your part. If he doesn’t like it then you’ve done all you can!

Thanks, as I have been around it since I can remember I have aunt’s on both sides of the family and my mother all Diabetic then when i got married the first time mother-in-law was as well. I think that if you are then be proud as it is a part of who you are but do not claim it and do the opposite of what you should do for you health. lol

nice blog, long time ago I met someone who was juvie t1 he was no longer juvie but I found out he was shooting up and then going drinking. I was shocked. At the time I was new t2. I told him that my doc didn’t want me to drink because the carbs are not the same and insulin doesn’t work right on them. Two weeks later I was holding his sobbing mom and comforting his dog at his funeral. Some people just won’t learn.