If you change your spark plugs (in the mode of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)

If you decide to change your spark plugs then you must go and buy the plugs and wires,

Once you buy the plugs and wires you will find you need to remove the intake manifold and throttle body assembly.

As you remover the intake manifold you will need to remove the vacuum hoses.

Once you remover the vacuum hoses you will find some are dry rotted or have been chewed by rodents.

So back to the parts store for new hoses and vacuum fittings…

Once you arrive back you can now install the spark plugs, wires, hoses, and fittings.

Now that everything has been installed and replaced you an bolt the parts back together.

As you start you truck back up you notice you are idling too fast and need to check the engine code.

When you hook up your code reader you will find that you damaged your throttle position sensor causing the high idle speed.

Now you borrow your wife’s car once more to get a news sensor from the parts store.

When you get back from the part store you install the new sensor and crank up the truck to see it run smoothly once again.

Now that the truck is running well you can go inside and clean up since you now need to go to the parts store again so you can now change the oil in your wife’s car.

Hahahahaha… Now you need to give it a D analogy. Like treating diabetes is like… Or finding a good diabetes treatment is like…

Wow… you are lucky!!!
With that many times to the auto parts store… Every time you went you got exactly what you needed… The kid behind the counter always gave you the correct part!
How bout getting brake pads and rotor , dissasemble everything and find out they gave you the front rotor instead of the back… And then having to reassemble it all so u can drive back and get the correct rotor…
You were fortunate enough to get to borrow “wife’s car”…

Well I could go in to the Diabetic part such as busting knuckles liberal amounts of triple antibiotic cream, looking for latex free mechanic’s gloves, having to go get a tetnus shot and treating a nasty low with grease and antifreeze covered hands.