If you have type I, please read

We are seeking personal, short essays and poems for a Type I diabetes anthology. Entries should be written by those who have Type I diabetes or by those who know someone who does, and people of all ages are encouraged to share their work. Submissions should fit into one of the following categories pertaining to Type I diabetes: diagnosis, day to day living, complications, and support. The tone of each piece should be honest, personable, insightful, reflective, and sometimes hopeful. Please creatively title each submission. No compensation is involved but this anthology is a wonderful opportunity for you to share your experiences with others in the diabetes community. Please submit the following information to diabetesanthology@yahoo.com: your name, your contact information, the category you believe your piece would best fit into, and your submission (in the text of the e-mail—no attachments). Submission deadline: June 20, 2008.

Can I ask what the ultimate goal of this project is? That was not clear in your description. Thanks!


The goal is to create a book, an anthology, specifically for people with type I. When I was diagnosed two years ago, I found NOTHING personal that I could read to help support me through my journey with diabetes. Either the books were textbook-ish or were specifically for type 2 diabetes. This book will be something that people with type 1 and their family and friends and read, learn, and grow.

Thanks, sorry for not responding sooner … I’ll see what I can contribute!