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Hi everyone. New here. …Jim

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Hi folks, I’ve been type 1 for five or six years now.
I’m hoping to pick up some wisdom and get better at controlling it :slight_smile:

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HI - My name is Jim. I’m T1 diagnosed 45 years ago at 17. I’ve been on a pump for 20+ years. Looking forward to learning and sharing,

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I’m Hosam, an Egyptian civil engineer fighting type 1.
Been diagnosed about 15 years ago I guess… (since 2004 ?!!)
and have been pumping since 2011 :astonished: (:smile:)

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Welcome, @Hosam, @Paytone, and @Torh! We’re happy you’ve joined the community!

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Hi everyone. I stumbled upon your community by accident today when searching for Libre event error codes not included in users manual.

Read many posts regarding the Libre system and was very intrigued and also wanted to voice my opinion.

Thanks for being here and please bear with me as I am NOT familiar with forums or making posts. NOT computer literate at all and do not participate in “social media”.

I feel proud to have learned about email but even that is limited.

Thanks for allowing me to join your community.

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Hi I’m Liz been T1 since 10. Im 37 now. On my been using Medtronic pump for about 9 years. Got dexcom yesterday. Would really like the tslimX2 but since I’m under warranty with the Medtronic it seems like I’ll have to wait another 2 years. Omgah🤦🏻‍♀️I’m having some kidney issues that are still minor at this point but I feel like if I could get the tslim that communicated with the dexcom it would be so much better. My hubs and I have an almost 11 year old daughter that I want to be around for!!

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@Babs5 - Welcome! You’re not familiar with forums and posting? You could have fooled me! You’re doing great!!

That wasn’t an accident… it’s how most people find this place!!


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Hi T1D friends. I’ve been a Type 1 since I was four. To be honest, diabetes has been the hardest, but one of the best parts of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I would love a fully functioning pancreas, but because of diabetes, I have learned how to be a much more empathetic, disciplined, and grateful person. Diabetes is tough. It never goes away. It never gives you a day off, even when it’s your birthday, but I’m grateful for where the current tech and research is today. I’m incredibly grateful to have diabetes now rather than 100 years ago, especially being a mom of a rambunctious 2 year old and with one on the way.

Diabetes has shaped me into who I am, and has led me to a lot of amazing people (also diabetic or people who have been affected by having a loved one with diabetes). Because of Diabetes, I decided at a young age to devote my life to giving back and helping other diabetics. Today, I am a Dietitian and a Diabetes Educator. I absolutely love working with diabetics (especially young adults and diabetic moms) because I understand them on a very personal level.

I’m grateful to be a part of this great community, and am always happy to make more T1D friends. :smile: