If you’re new to the community, please introduce yourself!

@Dwaterman, Thank you for your post, your offer of help is generous.

How well you will be received depends on your level of expertise. May I ask are you a person with diabetes or possibly a health care worker involved in the care of people with diabetes.

HI, I am Wayne. I was diagnosed T2B in my late 30s after losing 30 lbs. in 1988. I immediately started low carb diet, routine daily exercise and daily BG monitoring. I increased my exercise intensity or alternating exercise type to keep my BGs in normal range. After three months, my BGs returned to normal range and I took no medication in the next 10 years. I thought that I was “normal”(per Dr.’s wrong advice) and actively engages in non-profit activities. My body weight slightly increased and I was put on medications for another 10 years. Thereafter, I was dispatched to project sites in foreign countries in 2010. With long working hours and good food at the campsite canteen, I gained additional weight and started short release insulin injection. I am working to reduce my body weight now and plan to retire next spring. I am interesting in subjects about diabetes technology.

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Newbie here! T1D since 1997 at age 19 yrs. Also have a sister with T1D since age of 2yrs. I wear an old Medtronic minimed 530G pump and the dexcom G6. My a1c is usually mid 6s. Just looking for tips, tricks, interesting conversation and connection in the DOC. :slight_smile:

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My name is Riley and I have been a T1D for 16 years and a pumper for 14 years. I have had 4 medtronic pumps and I am considering upgrading to the 670G system with the guardian sensor. I joined to learn as much as I can from others experience in pumping, nutrition, mental health, and anything else I can learn from others. Hopefully I can contribute some information that can positively affect others as well.


Thanks for joining Jeffery, This community is glad to have you

You may be a newbie here but not really a newbie to diabetes, It is the combined experiences of our members that makes the place what it is. Feel free to ask questions you may have and share your experiences to help others.

Hi Wayne, your experience is a lot like mine, I was also diagnosed T2 in my 30’s. Sound like you have an interesting life. Welcome

Hi - I’m Kat and I’m a Type 1 diabetic. Glad to have a forum to share solutions.

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@KatSweet, @Riley1, @KRO1607, @waynec2, @Jeffrey_Evans, @Dwaterman - welcome to each of you! Glad you found our community! Please feel welcome to search and join in our other conversations!

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