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Hi, Jaymie. That is a unique story! I have a 15 year old, dx at age 3. Not sure when your son was diagnosed, but seems more recent than that. Welcome to TuD!



I am new to this forum and looking forward to sharing my experience with Type 1 Diabetes and also learning from each of you! I am a 37 year old female with Type 1 Diabetes and diagnosed when I was 15. I work for Medtronic, but am no longer in the Diabetes division and have a love/hate relationship with being tethered to an insulin pump, although I believe wholeheartedly in its ability to help control blood sugar! I have been on and off of it for years and do wear the Medtronic CGM. I am considering pregnancy early next year and will put the pump back on before then. In the meantime I am going through the process to freeze my eggs to help my chances of being able to conceive 2 children in the future. I would be more than happy to share my experiences and am happy to have found this forum! :slight_smile:



Hello everyone I’m Chris in Sydney Australia.looking forward to reading and learning bout my issue and others aswel.had a blood blood sugar level of 2.7 this morning that has concerned me.i think I’ve had symptoms for a very long time but have just passed them off.had two pieces of cake and scotch last night and now I’m starting to take notice.been fasting the last 2 weeks aswel just to burn a few more calories.anyway I want to learn and nice to meet you all.


Hi I’m Jane been type 1 for over 30 years. My problem is with the sensor for my 670G CGM.
I work in a warehouse and its hot. I perspire so much that the sensors fall off within an hour of starting work. Any suggestions?


I’m Morgan. I was diagnosed at age 19 and am now 33. I have been on Medtronic pumps since 2008 and currently use the 670g with FIASP.


Hi Im Mary B. Type One, Dexcom G6 user; currently on a 530 Minimed but ready to switch to T-Slim. Dexcom rocks, absolutely rocks and the G6 is WOW.
Type 1 since age 17.


Hi, @Mary_B! Welcome! My son has his G6 ready to go, but we’re winding down on the G5 sensors and transmitter. I love your “wow!” I’ve heard users having trouble w G6 adhesion - are you seeing that?


Welcome, @jmorgandeal!

I’m interested to know more about your experience with 670 and fiasp. I hope you’ll share some deets with us!


Welcome! Am i understanding correctly that you have not yet been formally diagnosed with a form of diabetes?

@Pastelpainter is a fellow Australian. :slight_smile:


Here’s an older discussion, but the suggestions are still applicable. We’ve tried a few of these ideas - flexifix and skintac have been the most effective for us. We found a significant change when we stopped using IV prep. That tip won’t be helpful if you’re not using it though!

Feel free to start a new discussion on this! There are probably others out there, but you never know what new tricks people have some up with. I remember a post from years ago where a gardener swore by using Irish Spring as her soap - made all the difference in the world for her!


Hi @Chris76. Waving from over the Nullabor!


Hello, a few months in to type 1 diagnosis


Where are you wearing it? I switched from my abdomen to the back of my arm and have better results.


My name is Harry and I am a 61 year old male, Type 1 diabetic as a result of pancreatitis in 1989. Currently taking 30 -40 units of Humalog Kwik Pen insulin via sliding scale for each meal based on carbs & protein and ~66 units of Lantus at bedtime. Went to Doctor (GP not Endo due to location) who asked that I give Tresiba Insulin a try. She has me starting out at 10 units/night with a 1 unit adjustment up or down depending on BG readings. As I stated earlier, I am currently taking 66 units/night. The Tresiba literature that accompanied the insulin (Dr.sample) as well as the Tresiba website stated that a conversion from one type of Long Acting insulin to Tresiba should be a 1:1 conversion. Anyone have any experience with type of conversion from Lantus to Tresiba? I would be greatly interested in hearing from you.


Hi, @earthingcat! Welcome to the TuDiabetes community!


My name is Jane (JVG) and I am 63 years old. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes before Easter 2016. I developed diabetes and multiple other autoimmune disorders following treatment with Opdivo (a monoclonal antibody - type of chemotherapy) for melanoma in transit on my leg. I had obvious symptoms that were suspicious (weight loss, thirst, excessive urination, blurred vision) for about 1 week before going into DKA. I had been off Opdivo for 2 months before symptoms developed. Now type 1 diabetes has been added to the many potential side effects – all autoimmune disorders. It is not unusual to have one side effect but apparently very unusual to develop as many as I did. Anyway, I am well controlled with Tandem pump and Dexcom CGM. I have never had HbA1C above 6.7 and usually am below 6. I never regained the 15 pound weight loss. I was not overweight before. I avoid excessive sugar, but I really do not restrict my daily carb load. I told my husband, if I have to have diabetes, I believe I would rather require insulin because I seem to be able to eat more freely what I want. I have to find something good about all this given the multiple autoimmune disorders I have and the high maintenance life I now have regarding health problems.
I am a physician (Pediatric Pulmonologist) and when I am not working and not going to doctors’ appointments, I love to play golf and read fiction.
I hope to interact with many of you through this post.


Hi! My endo recommended this forum. I have had Type / diabetes for 43 years. I was diagnosed in May, 1975 at the age of 12. I use an Omnipod pump and a Dexcom G5 CGM.


Welcome, @elizabeth34!

My son was diagnosed 11 years ago and uses OmniPod and Dexcom G5 (soon to be G6)!


Hi Jane, There have been many discussions here about what triggered the onset of diabetes. Many people believe that an illness caused their onset. This comes up often enough that you cannot dismiss the possibility.


Hi, I’m new here but have had type2 diabetes for over 30 years and even after been on a low carb diet for 18 months my HbA1c’s were 70 or above (they were excellent up to about 17 months on the low carbs). Having been sent to my local hospital’s Diabetic Centre I have gone through several stages of non-insulin, insulin mix, separate basal & quick acting insulin and at last I am in control of my HbA1c. What I think I have now found (yet to be proved over a longer period) is that my overnight (fasting) blood glucose readings were always particularly high every day so I have increased my 10pm late night basal dose to 22 from 20 and been told to keep to a low to no carb diet and this has brought my morning reading down to a healthy 5.2 mmol this morning and an after breakfast reading of just 6 mmol (breakfast consisting of bacon. egg and tomato). Obviously I will be continuing this regime with no to low carbs at every meal now. If this works then it will greatly improve my life as I will only be on my usual 4 metformin daily and one basal injection each night (much better for going on holiday which can be a nightmare getting meds through customs). Hopefully this might be helpful for others but only if it works for me form now onwards, will keep you informed.