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Hi. My name is Esther. I’ve been a member for awhile but not sure I’ve introduced myself. I’m 73 years old, was diagnosed as Type 2 about 15 years ago and diagnosed as Type 1 last year. I’d not been to an endocrinologist since my left town about 5 years ago. Went to a new one 5 months ago, who has now left town, also, so I’m trying to get into to see a new one. But, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to get in to see him until October. :frowning: I was taking 23 units of Lantus each morning, which the last endocrinologist left me on. I was taking 8 units of Lantus, at night, which he discontinued. My readings were high for a while but leveled out. I’m on a sliding scale with Humalog. The best thing the new endocrinologist did for me was prescribe the Freestyle Libre. It has changed my life. I walk 3.5-5 miles five days a week and don’t have to stop and stick my finger, while walking. At night, I can, just, run the reader over the sensor and I know if I’m low. Night time lows have, always, worried me because my husband had to call an ambulance, last year, when I cratered. Scared him to death. I must say, though, that Humana took 4 months to get me approved for the Libre. And, I can’t get it through the pharmacy because it’s considered a DME. I have to get it through CCS Medical and they mail it to me each month. So, if your Dr. prescribes the Libre for you, be sure and get preapproved. I thank each of you for posting about your problems. It’s nice to know thatI’m not the only one with problems and that there is a place to go for help. Thank you!


Hi Barb Ive been type 1 for 45 years and recently got a pump too. The CGM drove me crazy too so once I got a good handle on the pump I switched to a Libre sensor-It doesnt communicate with the pump but Im fine with that. (I use a 630g which doesnt have auto dosing however but I know you have to use the CGM with the 670g pump)The libre is less expensive and can be worn for 14 days. Thanks for the long term inspiration.


Hello all, I’m a Type 1 diabetic approaching my 43rd anniversary. I’ve been on an Animas Pump for the past 6 years and a Dexcom G4 CGM for the last 3 years. I love my pump and will keep it for as long as possible. I tried the Medtronic which is the only option in Canada and did not like their CGM at all. It’s accuracy is poor and I had a lot of problems with it failing often. I can cheat and use the Dexcom for three weeks at a time and it only gets more accurate, so I’m hoping the Tandem will be given the go ahead in Canada ASAP.

I tend to get stuck in my way of doing things and don’t have a big community where I live, so I’m looking forward to learning new things from y’all.


Hi, everyone. I’m going on nearly 30 years with T1. Ups and downs, like everyone. I’ve been having the most trouble recently recognizing lows. Sometimes, I can be 60, 50 or even 40 and have virtually no symptoms - other times, classic symptoms. Other times my bg can be normal or even a bit high, and I sweat like I’m low. I’m way past the hot flashes of menopause–just random, sudden, full-body sweats, particularly in the AM. I’ve been using the Libre Sensor since April and LOVE it!


Hey all,

I’m Siân a type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed when I was nine, in 2006. Been on the pump for a just over a year (Animas vibe). Recently I was experiencing almost constant highs, myself and my diabetes nurse thought it was a problem with absorption however it turns out my pump was faulty. Fun times! Wish I’d known about this forum when this happened I was losing my mind trying to get my bg levels to cooperate. :joy: :sweat_smile:

Hope to speak to some of you all in the future.


Hi all,

I’m Martin and have been diagnosed T1 in 2005 @ 45 years old. As an engineer, I control the mathematical part of it but it doesn’t follow the logically path I assume it always should… That’s why I am looking forward to exchanging with some of you. I currently use Omnipod and Freestyle Libre.


I am an autoimmune type 1 diabetic for 35 years. Currently on Medtronic insulin pump for 26 years and now 670G. DrBB helped me with extending the life of the Guardian 3 sensor. I will try it on Sunday when the current 7 days expires.

My wife and I are retired for several years and I work part time in an accounting department when needed. My last two A1C have been 6.3 because of the auto mode on the 670G so the added expense is some how worth it. The sensors are not covered by medicare.


Hey everyone,

My name is Dawn, and I was diagnosed at seven with type 1 Diabetes. (Going on fifteen years now.) I am the only person in my family with Diabetes of any kind, so it’s been a little rough, despite having a wonderful support system. Let’s see…I’ve also just recently tested positive for the antibodies for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which does run in my family. My husband of three years and I are about a year or so out from wanting to start a family, but there’s still a long way to go in making sure everything is as it should be. I’m currently on multiple daily injections, and will be getting my first ever CGM this week (Dexcom G6!), so I’m really hoping that will help me to get my numbers into a more stable range. I’m feeling about equal parts excited and terrified, so I’d love to hear from others about their experiences with CGMs as well as family planning and pregnancies with type 1.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!


Hello, My name is Beth W and I am a type 2 diabetic ( for almost twenty years ) and have been using a Dexcom CGM4/5 for the past 5 years, LOVE IT! . Currently taking Basil insulin along with Victoza (1.8) and Xigduo (1000 x2) as well as at mealtime insulin. My diabetes is mostly controlled, it is me that is not controlled as I tend to not follow a very good low carb diet, but that is on me and I do try to behave myself most of the time.


This is so true, and that it doesn’t provided me a lot of stress until I finally accepted this as fact.


Good luck! No need to be terrified for dexcom, although I understand being so! I’m excited for you! After 15 years of seeing only points in time, I think you’ll be amazed at the info it provides and how it will help your control! Good luck and please report back!


Hi Beth, You have just described me to a tee. It is a struggle for many of us Type 2s and some T1s. All we can do is keep trying.


Glad To join here. I am a first time mother. I hope i will get different tips from mothers.


I’m HIlory, I’m 27 years old. I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 13 so I’ve been managing for half of my life. Even though I’ve had diabetes for a while now it seems like nothing compared to some of the intros I’ve read today. Also I feel like I am just now getting a grip on managing my diabetes but am still trying to figure everything else in my life out at the same time. I’ve always felt alone in this. My grandmother and mother have type 2 and while we do have to deal with some of the same things I was always facing issues that they had no real knowledge of. I started insulin immediately after being diagnosed, checking bg multiple times daily and eating balanced meals since I was still a teenager I wasn’t on a strict low carb diet. Fast foward to today I have been on an insulin pump the minimed 670g along with the guardian cgm for about 4 months and my a1c went from an 8.4 to a 6.9. I haven’t been under a 7 probably my whole diabetic life. About 2 years ago I was hospitalized for dka and was in a coma for a few days. I was blessed to have woken up with no major complications and it was a wake up call. Being diagnosed as a teenager I had trouble accepting my diabetes and living with it while trying to have a “normal” life. I struggled with managing my diabetes through high school and college and my numbers were just higher and higher. Its a miracle that Im still alive and I realized that I still have a chance to redeem myself. Every day is a struggle with food I feel like I’ve survived so long because I’ve always done some kind of exercise but now I work as a dispatcher and Im sitting all day stress eating and shift work is no joke, not a lot of breaks and too much overtime. I found this site in a link on the startright app that medtronic set me up on. I’m really hoping to find some encouragement and helpful tips to keep going in in the right direction. Hopefully find someone in a similar situation that i can look to for guidance. Maybe even help someone else out with my experience.


Hello there!
My name is Marie and I’m from the province of Quebec in Canada so I speak French. I’ve been diagnosed with T1.5D a couple of weeks ago, so everything is still new to me. I’m here to learn stuff and get to know other diabetics so I don’t feel alone anymore in this mess. I’m waiting for my Dexcom but I’m not ready for a pump yet. My goal is definitely to learn how to live peacefully with diabetes. So I really hope this forum is going to help me :slight_smile:


I am Jann
I am new here in this forum and I hope you will cooperate with me…


Welcome, Jann, to a great community.

You replied to my intro post. You might want to go up to the original post in this thread by Mila and reply directly to her. She’s one of the administrators, very helpful, and I think your post will be seen by more people than just me.

Don’t be afraid to open up. Lots of empathetic people here going through some of the exact same things.


Hi Hilory! I feel you. I’m lucky (!) that I wasn’t diagnosed with T1D until my early 20’s. Not that I’ve ever felt “settled”, but my teens were a hard enough trip without the baggage of diabetes. I also struggle with food, but the more days I eat well, the more I can be mindful of the good things around me. One of those “circles”, but not the vicious kind!

I’m now 51 and figuring out how to deal with diabetes burnout. Talking to people who understand has been a major comfort.


Hi. I’m a 26 year old male. I’m a medical doctor by profession. i was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes exactly a year back on August 15th with a HbA1C of 14.1% and a fasting blood sugar of 409 and Post prandial of 489. I’ll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of getting diagnosed tomorrow and i just wanted to write a memo to remind myself and tell others who are in the same mental condition that i was in a year back that diabetes is beatable.
i weighed in 112 kgs at the start of my diagnosis and currently i weigh 72 kilograms.
was on insulin (short acting and Basal) for the first 15 days and then switched to Metformin 750 mg twice daily. Started hitting the gym as soon as the dose of the insulin was reduced and my blood sugar returned to the levels of 150-170’s. Stopped eating processed food. Nearly completely cut off my carb intake. 3 months later my endocrinologist reduced the dose of metformin to 500mg twice daily. got my A1C from 14.1% to about 5.7% in the first 3 months; 5.0% in the next 3 months on 500 mg Metformin twice a day; 5.4% in the next 3 months on 500 mg metformin once a day. i was still going to the gym 6 days a week sometimes being lazy and not going in between. i got my last 3 months assessment today. At exactly 9 months from my diagnosis i stopped taking any medications and hitting the gym and started just watching my diet. today i got my results back. 5.1% without any meds and gym. i sold my bike and walked to and back from work.
in a span of 9 months i got off meds and lost about 40kgs of weight and reversed my diabetes. As a doctor i’ve been on both sides of the examining chair. And this past year has taught me a lot; more than what medical school could ever have. as long as you’ve got a good support system and a will to overcome diabetes by taking whatever measures necessary you’ll beat diabetes. The first and the major thing you’ll ever need to beat diabetes is weight loss. i think i’m a living example of that.
My motivation for all this: The day i was diagnosed with diabetes; i thought this is the end of me, i’m gonna die if i don’t get my ■■■■ together. I was very scared even though i knew everything about diabetes. all my years in medical school i’d never seen an HbA1C of 14%.


Hello to everyone here.

My name is Grahame and I was diagnosed 25 years ago at age 22 with Type 1 Diabetes - I felt fine but I’d dropped a lot of weight (60 lbs over a couple of years) and I was drinking Coke by the gallon. My GP had me come in fasting to do a glucose tolerance test but the pre-test levels were enough to diagnose.

25 years later…two weeks ago I was on the rollercoaster: pre-meal bg ranged from 4 to 17 mmol/L in a typical week. Daily averages were in the 10s and 11s and I’d see about 3-5 lows (usually afternoon/evenings because my BG would start high in the mornings and drift down over the course of the day). I was taking 50 units of Lantus at bedtime and about 100 total units of rapid (depending on carbs) before meals over the course of the day.

Since then I’ve switched to a low-carb diet and my bg numbers are now ranging from 4 to 10 with far more readings in range. Daily averages are in the 7s and I’ve had only 1 low in the last week. I’m now taking 36 units of Lantus at bedtime and 15-20 total units of Rapid over the course of a day. It’s incredible.

Anyway, I stumbled across this site looking for more info on CGM and seeing how others are doing with low-carb and T1D and signed on.