If you’re new to the community, please introduce yourself!


Hi, Fran. Sounds like you are on a great track, both identifying what you think needs improvement and taking action and seeing results!


My name is Mariana, I am a psychologist and diabetes educator. I have lived with type 1 for…emmm ooom 32 years now. I am an advocate in my country (México) and have a blog where I share my life with diabetes. I loooove diabetes tech and running…I have an 11 year old son who is a football player so I spend most of my evenings at football camps talking to Mila via whatsapp lol.


Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2006, just before beginning middle school. I’ve had decent control of my blood sugar all the way through college due to lots of physical activity (I’m a cross country athlete), hypoglycemic awareness, and a mostly responsible attitude, but definitely struggled with my fair share of highs, lows, and carelessness.

I just started graduate school last fall. This stage of life has me coming out of depression, living more independently than ever before, and establishing myself in a new place, so I really want to crack down on those blood sugars and keep them from hindering my lifestyle as much as possible! I’ve decided it’s time to join the diabetic community. I deal with a lot of diet and exercise intricacies due to a passion for fitness and health, and for learning to cook a variety of foods, so I’m hoping to find help with the details here. I also want to provide and receive support to and from my fellow diabetics, especially kids and young adults, since I know how much emotional pressure there is to be a “good” diabetic and mental health is close to home for me.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the community!


Hi I’m Ken, I’m completly new to the forum and finding it very helpful since I don’t have any friends or relatives with Diabetes. I was diagnosed with T2 12 years ago through that time I started as a borderline to where I am now using the Omnipod for the last year. I started with Metformin but since getting started with the pump I have stopped using it. It’s been up and down through journey, I’ve a 3 seazures due to hypo’s but over the last couple of years things have began to come together and my last 2 A1C have been 6.5 and 7.1. Keep up the good work with your input I am finding very helpful.



Welcome kennyG. I Iove your music.


Thanks but not me, would be nice though.




Welcome! We hope you enjoy the fourm. It’s very helpful!


Hi everybody. I have long had T1D. I have just gotten a CGM. I have been lucky that after 25 years of poor control, I have had no permanent ill effects. I am now ready to do this thing properly.


HELLO PEOPLE! My name is Barbara McNamara I have diabetes since I was 4 years old in 1954. I am insulin dependent since. A pumper since the year 2,000, I use the sensor with the 670g pump. I am here to share information and acquire some from other people who have diabetes.


WOW that’s 60 plus years no matter how you count it.


yeah I am a veteran. Still waiting for a cure…Still wishing to be able to get a SERVICE DOG? no such luck. THE PUMP WITH SENSOR IS OK BUT IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.BEEPING 24 7.


Hi everyone…I have been a type 1 diabetic since the age of 13 and am now 72. Have been on insulin since day 1. Way before testing meters and pumps. Used glass syringes and stainless steel needles and no accurate means of testing blood glucose levels. Been on a Medtronic pump for about 6 years with much better control than injections but looking into the Omni pod.


WOWIE! That’s an impressive “resume”! Welcome!


My name is Maria, I have type 2. I use Lantus 15 a day.
Take 2000 Metformin at night. I am having a hard time in keeping my sugar in control,like this morning it was 200. I only check my sugar one a day in the morning.


Hi I’m new to the community. I’m 73 retired, and a t1 for 37 yrs. I’ve been using a pump (currently a tandem G4) for about 3 yrs. light years better than MDI. I’m enjoying learning what you offer and your commeraderie.


Hi, my name is Sally and I am was diagnosed 26 years ago with Type 2. I have been on Metformin and Victoza for 6 years. For the last two years my A1C has been 5.4. My Endo is taking me off of Victoza in three weeks. I am afraid! I know that I can do it, but in high stress times I binge. I am working on other coping methods. I have been working out in a therapy pool ( 93 degree water ) for 7 - 8 hours a week. It improves my balance and strength since I have a back injury. I am 72 years young. Glad to be here.


Congratulations on finding Keto. LCHF is the cure for T2D. It completely reverses it, and in some cases reverses certain damage done, like neuropathy. Some damage is just permanant, like kidney failure, blindness, Alzheimers, but can be prevented by avoiding carbs before it starts.

Check out these podcasts, “2 Keto Dudes” and “The Obesity Code”. Also, check out this forum to answer pretty much any question you could have with Type 2 Diabetes, or losing weight, or LCHF eating.

I took control of my T2D within 2 months of being Dx with an HbA1c of 11.8%, and 4 months later its down to 5.8%. Losing 40 pounds in two weeks. Getting off meds. ■■■■■■■ off my doctor for telling him I’m not following your diet plan.

I think I’ll save the rest for my introduction, seeing as I just joined here today. I just feel it necessary to let others with T2DM know that there really is a cure. That they dont have to live in fear of the disease. They dont have to worry about checkiing their feet everyday because of neuropathy. They can find the truth about losing weight (the secret is in Insulin itself).

I’m sure you’ll be seeing me around here a lot!


Hi, my name is maria, ive been diabetic for 13 years, never had a good control, but im getting better at it every day and still doing my best. I also have an eating disorder and BPD, what a good mix, huh? Life can be hard, but its like a wheel, it turns, and I know it will get better soon :blush: I’ll try to post/reply as often I can but im often the quite one in the corner!


Welcome Aranide! There is good information shared here by other Diabetics with years of experience.