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Wow! Good job! I’m 64 and have been type1 for 39 years.
I love love my Omnipod and have been in it for approx. 8 years, was on Medtronic for 17 years.
But my understanding is that Medicare won’t cover an Omnipod just yet. So that’s something that I hope will change, but don’t know when that will be.


You may want to read the following post and see if this is anything that could be helpful to you?


Ok…thanks for the info about the omnipod …kinda thought that was the case. Actually pretty satisfied with my Medtronic pump. Going to my endocrinologist tomorrow for A1C check and possible adjustments for even better control. In many ways my diabetes has been a blessing leading to a healthier life style.
Enjoy this site very much. Love reading the posts!!


Hi fellow diabetics, my name is Jane. I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 60 years! I’ve seen many, many changes in how diabetes is managed over these long years. The devices we now have to control this disease are truly amazing, i.e. the pump, CGM, etc.


Hello Everyone, my name is Manuel but all my friends call me Manny. I have been a diabetic for 39 years and have taken care of my diabetes thru 8 years of diet and exercise, 16 years with insulin shot therapy and the last 15 using an insulin pump (what a great invention). I am thankful that thru all these years I have not had any serious complications from my condition and have been able to do a great many number of things. I just joined the forum from an internet search on the differences between Humalog and Novolog insulins. For the 15 years I have been on insulin pump therapy I have always used Humalog and now my insurance wants to switch me to Novolog. My question to them is why change when I have had great success and no issues with Humalog. If any of you have had a similar experience or can provide any thoughts on Novolog insulin I would appreciate the sharing of your thoughts. In the meantime all of you keep up the good work taking care of this condition that is one way you can be sure that you are in control of the situation and not the condition controlling you.


holaaaaa ;D


Hi everyone! :wave:

I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for over 5 decades. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the treatment of this disease, and I’m ever hopeful for a solution that provides greater freedom and reduced intrusions and interruptions.

I switched to Medtronic’s 670G CGM system in August 2017. My endocrinologist and I set some improvement goals when I made the switch:

  • Improve my time-in-range to >85%.
  • Decrease my time-below-range to <5%.
  • Keep my A1C below 7%.

At my last appointment 2 weeks ago, good news!

  • Time-in-range was 87%! :white_check_mark:
  • Time-below-range was 3%! :white_check_mark:
  • A1C was 6.9%! :white_check_mark:

I’m always competing against my last measurements, and against the relentless passage of time. Waiting for a non-intrusive CGM system (Google contacts? Apple watch? Other?) combined with closed-loop technology to bridge the gap until better options become available.

Wishing everyone in this community health and happiness!

  • Rob


The insurance companies look after their financial interest first. Your company got a more profitable deal for themselves covering Novolog than Humalog and that is why they will have you change. My insurance company dropped coverage on my basal Levemir at the end of 2017 so now it will be back to Lantus. These changes, appear to be happening at greater frequency each year with a wide range of medications.


Hi! I found your site while looking up information about airport security and CGMs -thank you! I am a type 1 diagnosed 25 years ago at 37 years old. I am still very brittle as I also have pancreatic insufficiency - no exocrine functions as well as no endocrine functions - so it is always a challenge trying to match up food intake, insulin and digestive enzymes. I am on an Animas Ping insulin pump - and annoyed that Animas is leaving the pump business because I love my pump and its remote bolus feature from my linked glucometer! - and I also use a Dexcom 5 CGM. I follow a low carb, gluten free, minimally processed natural food diet, have no diabetic complications and my A1C is currently 6.9. I am in awe of those who are able to keep their A1C in the 5s or low 6s because it is a fight to stay below 7! I live in the US now with my American husband but was born and raised - and diagnosed -in Canada. I am grateful that I was in Canada when I was diagnosed because the level of support for me was wonderful - ongoing access to dieticians, weekly and then monthly check-ins at the hospital’s diabetes center, assistance with finding the right supplies, etc. So many Americans I meet with a diagnosis of diabetes seem to have been left to their own resources and it is already a difficult enough diagnosis without having a good deal of knowledgeable, medical support. So, I am happy to find this site and am always interested in helping others understand what is happening and why -as well as to pick the brains of others in the know, myself:-)!


I’m John and diagnosed T1 27 years ago. I have been on MDI the whole time with good results up until recently. I have been discussing with my endo about switching to a pump and CGM. I have been reading with interest the pro’s and con’s of each pump and CGM. Thanks for the interesting topics! The decision may be based on what insurance will or will not cover.


Hi. My name is Farley and I have had Type 1 since 1983, It developed when I was pregnant with my first son. After many years of MDI and 6 years with an Omnipod, I now have a t-slim pump and a Dexcom G5, and am doing pretty well I would say…last a1c was 6.7 my best ever. Glad to be here, both for information and support. Recently aged into Medicare and its ridiculous rules.


Hi everyone,

I’m jenni-bean. I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes for 8 years now. At first, I didn’t have a super hard time with things, was on MDI, found it possible to live pretty normally and get A1C’s in the 6’s. Fast forward to the last 3 years and I’ve had such a hard time, A1C’s in the high 8’s despite SOOOOO much effort. Issues with weight/body image/food that take over me completely, gained about 50lbs in these 3 years. Daily highs and lows (and by high I mean sometimes too high for my dexcom to read). I truly believe this is all linked to how depressed I’ve been.

Recently (as in the last few weeks) my dark rain cloud mood has lifted and I have no idea why (wish I did so I could tell others in this situation) but I’ve finally been able to figure out how to balance a strict, but not unattainable diet and workout regime. Have an Endo appt. next week after several cancelled previous appt’s and I’m scared to find out my results, but I’m going to keep pushing forward and hope that even if things are bad they will get better with my new found optimism. Phew! That’s me at the moment!


Welcome to the site @jenni_bean! I’m glad you’re trying your best to remain positive and optimistic :smile:

I’d highly recommend asking your endo about your thyroid function. Hunger, weight gain, and depression are all linked to an underactive thyroid. This is a fairly common condition for people with T1 diabetes. Even though you’re feeling better, it might be good to have it checked out.

I’m glad you’re doing better!


Thanks @katers87 :slight_smile: I’ll ask about that.