If you’re new to the community, please introduce yourself!


Hello all, I think I’ve introduced myself once before but it’s been forever ago. I just turned 50 this last week and have a bit of a hard time with the age thing. I’ve had type 1 for 33 years. When I started glucose machines were the size of a brick and used a chemical strip. Things have change over the years, now I’m “older” and know more about how to control my type 1. My A1C is 6.5 the last time I sent to docs in March. Currently in second marriage and 5 kids later ranging from 12 to 25 I’m feeling a little warm out with this disease. Any suggestions on how to disconnect from life every now and then?


Hi I’m Cassie, I’m new to this site I came across it yesterday trying to get some advice or information on diabetes. I’m type one later diagnosed as LADA. It’s all so new to me I was diagnosed late last year & trying to get to grips with everything & often feel overwhelmed with it all as I’m sure everyone does. It’s like you need a degree on it there’s so much to learn. But I’m looking forward to talking with you all & getting your experiences & good advice to help me along my way. I hope you all have a lovely day :grin:


Thanks stemwinder_Gary for the information and the feedback. I find it difficult to lower my sugar levels even if I lower my carb and insulin intake.


Hi everyone. I’m Bill, and I’m in my early 50’s (early enough that typing “early 50’s” still seems weird) I was diagnosed as a T2D in February 2018 with an A1C of 12. Since then I have been taking Metformin/Janeuvia daily, eating a healthy, somewhat low carb (approx 120g/day) diet and getting plenty of exercise. As a result, I have lost about 40 lbs in the last three months. My last A1C was a few weeks ago, and it had dropped to 7.0. I am looking forward to working and sharing with everyone here.


Welcome, @Bill47 and great to hear the changes you made workingpositively in you favor!


Hi, I stumbled on to tudiabetes while researching differences between Novolog vs Humalog. Dx. 40+ years ago. Started pump therapy in 1989 with Medtronic. Changed to Omnipod in 2013. Started using Dexcom 2013. My weakness is dark chocolate and accurately counting carbs. I love pump therapy and CGM. I hate insurance companies dictating what physicians can prescribe and having hypoglycemic unawareness!


Hey Colt! I have been on the 670G and Guardian CGM for almost three months. My A1C is trending down, but all the calibrations are frustrating. I have had issues with the tape for the CGM too. The pump is bulky and alarms alot, but the auto mode has kept me lower and stable so I can’t complain too much. Good Luck!


Hi everyone,
Brand new here but have been lurking for a few months now as this forum shows up in my Google searches a lot. Seems like a great community so I thought I’d join.
I don’t have an official diagnosis, which at times drives me crazy. I have mildly elevated BG and it has been so for a while. My BG, however, has never been one that’s crossed the lab range threshold (of course at home I get much higher!). I am 35, have had GD twice on high doses of insulin for both pregancies. I am very active(gym 6-7 times per week), eat keto, normal BMI, currently on Metformin and no luck at lowering my BG. Keto has been the biggest help out of anything I’ve tried. I have very strong family history of diabetes, (3 generations - all the women on my mom’s side). I am also GAD65 negative.
I have been reading a lot about MODY but without an official Dx. running such a costly test would be out of the question.
I started using Freestyle Libre recently and absolutely love it!!!
I think that sums it up!
Looking forward to participating in this community :slight_smile:


Introduce myself? Ok…well, hello everyone from somewhere between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers in the ME. I’m a 61 year old Nurse with a couple of auto-immune disorders; Hashimotos, Vitiligo, Alopecia Universalis, And Celiac. Despite hitting the genetic jackpot, I’m active and my MBI is about 23.

The other morning I had reason to do a blood sugar about taking my morning meds and supplements with a 10 carb drink. It was 130. The next morning I checked a 12 plus hour fasting and it was still 112. This strikes me as too high.

I have made arraignments for a monitor, but it will be at least a month before I can get my hands on it without jeopardizing my job.

In the meantime…does anyone have any idea what a Diabetic/Celiac diet even LOOKS like? I mean good grief!!! I eat in a cafeteria so I have options, but portions? LOL!! Huge and massive.

I won’t be back stateside till October to check my Hgba1c or anything else. So any suggestions would be appreciated in managing my probable LADA.

Wandering Grandma :older_woman:


Hello! My name is Emily. I’ve been a type 1 since before I could remember.

I’m a Omnipod and Dexcom user because it fits my active lifestyle. I love working out, cooking, video games, and anything medical.

I recently graduated nursing school and I hope to become a diabetes educator. I’m also toying with the idea of becoming an endocrine nurse practitioner, but we’ll see what the future holds for me :slight_smile:.


Hi Everyone, I’m Mohamed a 34 years old IT professional from Egypt who lives in Australia. Diagnosed with Diabetes in October 2015 mistakenly as Type II and started on sulphonylurea and a bad diet. later in the same year I moved to Australia and was started on Metformin. Few months after my pancreas finally gave out and they did antibodies test and found out I had LADA and started on on Insulin. Have been trying to manage my diabetes using LCHF diet so far which i discovered through online research nearly during my second year into diabetes.


Welcome, Mohamed! :grinning:


Welcome to our community!


Guess what? I was right. My Endo checked antibodies and my diagnosis is now Early DT1.5/LADA. Very mixed feelings.


My sympathies for your diagnosis. I hope the new, correct diagnosis will help you maintain your good control!!!


Well, dealing with lazy and stupid, aka LADA, is interesting, to say the least.

If my glucose goes up slowly, lazy pancreas doesn’t do much. Low carbs are best, but sometimes fasting is needed to get the glucose down. Once it took 5 days to slowly get down to 100.

If I eat something with rapid carb release, lazy ignores it until stupid sees it. Then stupid pancreas releases a ton of insulin and I hypo. I have no hypo awareness, but seeing times when my app couldn’t give me a number because it was too low while asleep is “interesting”. No hypo awareness doesn’t help.

I keep thinking of that saying about hearding cats :cat:. LOL

Looks like I have a wild ride in front of me…Wheeeee!


Hey guys Im Mike, 32 from NY. been type 2 for about 10 years, haven’t had control for most of those years which brings me here. ill try not to make this long…
december 2016 my fiancé and I were in cancun for vacation, mid way through the trip i had issues walking, i was getting out of breathe and couldnt really function. i assumed it was asthma related (which i don’t have). I man through the rest of the trip. we land in NY and go straight to ER, they discharge me with pneumonia. i go home and the struggle gets worse. My mother brings me back to ER the following day, they do a bunch of scans and blood work. The following morning i get the big whammy… blood work has shown multiple heart attacks, i was like wtf? that can’t be right? They did an angioplasty and the procedure showed my arteries being serverely blocked. So i was placed on a balloon pump and was take to westchester medical hospital.
the following morning i get a team of doctors that come up to me and my family saying that a heart transplant is the only option… well im sure you guys can assume what i was going through mentally lol. so the team did further research on me and two days later changed the game plan to triple bypass…
I know this is a lot to read but I want to make it a point that diabetes is no joke, when they say it effects every part of your body they aren’t kidding. I am living proof of that.
so back to my story
the bypass was scheduled and i had no idea what my life was going into, my wife and I actually got married in the ICU the night prior to my surgery, family and friends packed the small room i was in.
Some people do need a rude awakening in life and i am one of those people. My A1C was about a 14 prior to surgery… 18 months later (today) i have gotten it down to a 5.8
This disease isn’t easy in anyway you view it or go about it. but you can’t let it bring you down. its hard work but its worth the work.
That is my intro to the forum, Thank you for reading!


46yrs old, diagnosed at 38 with Type 2. I am on Metformin, NovoRapid and Levamir. Last A1C was high so I’m struggling to get it back down to where it usually is (6.5 to 7). Looking for support and friends who understand the challenges.


Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed type 2 in 2008 (yikes 10 years ago).
I followed the ADA diet miserably with A1C ranging from 10-13.
2 years ago I found Dr. Bernstein and brought my A1C down to 6.4 and lost 60 pounds.
I am on long and short acting insulin as well as Victoza.
I was recently (2 months ago) taken off Metformin due to CKD with GFR at 30 and now I am really struggling to control my blood sugar. I thought I had it down and knew how to eat and inject but my old methods no longer work without my ole pal Metformin.
I am here for support as I struggle through this new development and to provide support for others who are doing the diabetes dance along side me.


Hello everyone. I’m new to this community. I’m 44 years old Hispanic from LA. This is my first time posting event though I have been reading some posts. I was diagnosed with T2 about 4 years ago. When the doctor told me a laughed and didn’t think was a big deal. I was going thru some rough time (depression and anxiety) so I said it’s fine. I though that I deserved it (felt guilty). I started to take my meds and kind of ate a little bit healthy at least that was what I though I was doing. For four years I din’t take care of myself completely. I had my physical like a month ago and my blood work results were high. I started to eat healthy, low carb diet and taking my meds but I have been feeling depressed, anxiety and guilty agai, but I’m feeling positive every day.