If you’re new to the community, please introduce yourself!


Hello all, I think I’ve introduced myself once before but it’s been forever ago. I just turned 50 this last week and have a bit of a hard time with the age thing. I’ve had type 1 for 33 years. When I started glucose machines were the size of a brick and used a chemical strip. Things have change over the years, now I’m “older” and know more about how to control my type 1. My A1C is 6.5 the last time I sent to docs in March. Currently in second marriage and 5 kids later ranging from 12 to 25 I’m feeling a little warm out with this disease. Any suggestions on how to disconnect from life every now and then?


Hi I’m Cassie, I’m new to this site I came across it yesterday trying to get some advice or information on diabetes. I’m type one later diagnosed as LADA. It’s all so new to me I was diagnosed late last year & trying to get to grips with everything & often feel overwhelmed with it all as I’m sure everyone does. It’s like you need a degree on it there’s so much to learn. But I’m looking forward to talking with you all & getting your experiences & good advice to help me along my way. I hope you all have a lovely day :grin:


Thanks stemwinder_Gary for the information and the feedback. I find it difficult to lower my sugar levels even if I lower my carb and insulin intake.


Hi everyone. I’m Bill, and I’m in my early 50’s (early enough that typing “early 50’s” still seems weird) I was diagnosed as a T2D in February 2018 with an A1C of 12. Since then I have been taking Metformin/Janeuvia daily, eating a healthy, somewhat low carb (approx 120g/day) diet and getting plenty of exercise. As a result, I have lost about 40 lbs in the last three months. My last A1C was a few weeks ago, and it had dropped to 7.0. I am looking forward to working and sharing with everyone here.


Welcome, @Bill47 and great to hear the changes you made workingpositively in you favor!


Hi, I stumbled on to tudiabetes while researching differences between Novolog vs Humalog. Dx. 40+ years ago. Started pump therapy in 1989 with Medtronic. Changed to Omnipod in 2013. Started using Dexcom 2013. My weakness is dark chocolate and accurately counting carbs. I love pump therapy and CGM. I hate insurance companies dictating what physicians can prescribe and having hypoglycemic unawareness!


Hey Colt! I have been on the 670G and Guardian CGM for almost three months. My A1C is trending down, but all the calibrations are frustrating. I have had issues with the tape for the CGM too. The pump is bulky and alarms alot, but the auto mode has kept me lower and stable so I can’t complain too much. Good Luck!