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Hi. I’m Helen and I’ve been a Type I for 34 years, a Minimed pump user for 20 of them.


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Hi! My name is Florentino Rosa. I was diagnosed as a T1D after a total pancreatectomy last year. I am in way better health now and happy to be using an insulin pump in managing my diabetes. I am looking forward to developing new friends and to expand my support group while gicing support to others going through the daily challenges of being diabetic. Thank you for the opportunity!


Hi. I’ve had diabetes for 47 years which means pre BG monitoring systems, pre-pump, etc. I took part in the study to get human insulin on the market when I was receiving care at UC Med SFCA back in the 90’s. I’ve seen a lot of advances in diabetes care for which I am so grateful. My new endocrinologist directed me to this site so I am checking it out.


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Hi Venus, Sounds like insulin resistance has a strong hold on you. Metformin helps with IR without it your insulin needs will most likely will be higher. Have you adjusted your insulin ratios to compensate, if you are uncomfortable making your own insulin adjustment it might be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor.


Wow thats amazing, from 14 to 5.8. A triple bypass would be a rude awakening and it sounds like you have gotten the message loud and clear. I find you turn around to be inspirational.


Type 2 is an ever changing and progressing disease. What works today does not always work tomorrow. There are plenty here that understand, including me.


I made am appointment with my endo but it isn’t until August. I’m working on increasing g my basal and short acting. It just takes so much more insulin than it did before. It seems a little crazy. I’m hoping my increase in exercise start paying off by reusing the insulin resistance.


Hello! I am Michelle from Boston, MA. I was diagnosed with Type 2 back in 2004 and was managing fairly well with Diet, and Exercise, and Oral meds. Buy slowly over the last 5 years my numbers started to increase. My doctor and I made the decision recently to add some long acting insulin which seems to be helping a good deal. Carb counting helps too. The first few weeks my numbers were up and down and up and down, but now they seem to have leveled a bit.

I started on a CGM about 2 weeks ago and it has really helped me see patterns. My blood sugars peak is between 3:00-6:00 PM and my lows are always between 3:00 AM - 6:30 AM. Working on that balance and learning as I go.

Just had some blood work done to determine if I may be LADA vs Type 2, results were a bit conflicting; I posted about that in a separate thread. I am SO glad to have this community!


My name is Ronnie and I have been a type 1 diabetic for 54 years. I am currently using a omni pod pump system and a dexcom g5 cgm system. Both work great but I was interested in how some folks are getting 2 to 3 weeks out of their g5 sensors? Please advise if you can.


Hi…I’m mom to a 15 yo boy diagnosed in March, 2017. We live in Souther California…life and T1D are quite expensive and stressful! Doing our best to roll with it, and along that line I “Uber for Insulin” to help pay for the costs of his life sustaining supplies. I would love ANY tips people have for saving money. His insurance expires at the end of August, and I would also love to hear any recommendations on private insurance plans that cover T1D expenses somewhat fairly.

Looking forward to learning from everyone and helping in any way that I can!



Hello @Karen_the_mom,

I’m also mom to a T1 teen; my son was diagnosed 12 years ago he is 15 now. Here some suggestions:

Test Strips - MySugr or OneDrop- you pay a monthly fee for unlimited strips and other services.

Also please check HERE for more information on patient assistance.


Hello, my name is Ronnie and I have been a type 1 diabetic for 56 years. I am using the omnipod system and the dexcom system for 3 years now, and it has really helped my a1c numbers. Last a1c was a 6.8. However the dexcom system is very expensive so I am looking for any advice to cut back on the expense of the device. I look forward to learning more about other type 1 patients and the different aspects of their treatments, successes and failures.