Ignorance is bliss.....apparently. :(

The diabetic clinic here in Quesnel is a very good one. They put on classes every month. This time is was called the heart healthy class. It is in two parts… unfortunately I missed the first one but I went to class #2 today. Holy moly did I learn alot!!!

The lady teaching the class is a nurse that works for a cardiologist… so she really knew her stuff, and explained things easily so that we could all understand. She was focusing on high blood pressure… which as you all know can be an issue with us with the “D”.

I personally do not have high blood pressure… but my mother does… so when I got home I let her know that there would be another class on this next month and I could sign her up if she would like as I really think she could use the information…because she really doesn’t look after herself all that great. ( and no I didnt say that to her!)

Her response to me was:

" I don’t need to learn anything about all this stuff…I am on meds and I am just fine!.. if I ever get diabetes, I will think about taking the classes then, but I dont’t need them now!"

So I asked her that wouldn’t it be better to know this stuff BEFORE anything happens? As I believe that knowledge is power.

She said NO! ( HUH??? is she serious?)

I had asked her when I first got diagnosed if she would come to the nutrition classes with me for support and because she does the majority of the cooking. Same response as above…I just shake my head sometimes… I will say this… when she is too sick to look after herself… I really wont be inclined to look after her… I will likely put her in a care facillity…ignorance is bliss… according to her…I dont see why I should have to pay for her stupidity, stubborness,etc.

I have never met anyone so rediculous in my life… I hope I never become like her! sshhheeessshhhhh!

As the comedian Ron White always says…“You just can’t fix stupid!”

good onyou for trying!

Nice that you are learning new and important topics there that may affect you later. I’m Glad that your BP is Good so far. Hopefully it stays that way.