Hey Igot, haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you OK? Message me. If you want, I’ll send you my phone number. You can call from a friends phone.

Do you have insulin? Do you have a prescription? I’m worried that you don’t. I will try to help. I’m off work at 7.

Check your blood sugar.
Insulin is only $20 at Walmart.

If you can’t reach out to me, you can call 911 for help. Try to be nice to the medics. Tell them you can’t get insulin. If you want me to call and talk to them, I will. Maybe they will help. If you want me to call the Doc, I will.

We can work this out.

NOTE: This is an Igot-only forum post. Only Igot can post here. Everyone else is banned.



I don’t know if you are in trouble, or if you just went offline for a while.

Get insulin.
Check blood sugar.


We are your comrades, Igot. It takes a lifetime of experience to fight the system. You gotta work on the small stuff first, like getting meds.

You haven’t been diabetic very long. Focus on basic problem that impact your ability to survive. You have trouble accessing medications. Start there. Don’t start by trying to fight with ‘big pharma.’ That takes experience.

You gotta stay alive and keep rolling in order to reach that level. I’m sure you will fix pharma some day. Not today. Keep rollin’, Igot. You got this.

People here are invested in your success. Your being a little hard to handle. I think you know that.

Its unconventional to attack populations of disabled people. Thats not right. Don’t do that. The disabled got enough problems.

For the love of God, DON’T start drinking. That is going to make things worse.

Its daylight savings. That’s a risky time of year for many people. I have noticed a few people that are not themselves. You also don’t seem quite yourself, either.

Please post a song that helps me understand what’s up for you today.

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