Ill after a severe low

Just curious if anyone else experiences this: When I have a sustained low over 1/2 hr to hr or more I later in the morning get some type of “dumping syndrome”(loose bowels). I am guessing my body is in just such a hurry to process the food for sugar/carbs then it just dumps what it does not need??

I also have horrible rebounds and can go from 40-400 in a matter of 15-20 minutes and have to use twice as much insulin than I normally would to correct the highs.

There are times when I only have one glucose tab and I rebound to 400 so I also think my liver likes to release a deluge of stored supplies. I have tried symlin for this and I am also on metformin as well as my pump. Livers stink! Thanks for replying and validating .

I think you are right, a severe low can cause a counterregulation where your liver dumps its stored glycogen and that alone can cause your blood sugar to skyrocket. There are some other threads here that discuss exocrine pancreatic insufficiency which is characterized by just what you mention, so called dumping syndrome and steatorrhea. Smylin can help slow digestion and may help. It has also been suggested that enzymes can help such as pancrelipase.