I'll never learn

I think I'm pretty close to going into DKA...I guess that's what I get for not taking my insulin for 2 days. The diabulimia is kicking my butt. I finally gave in and gave myself insulin, but I'm feeling pretty bad right now. I guess I'll never learn..

I done that one time. I learned from that. Honey please do what I done during my teens abd dealing with diabulimia. LEARN that you NEVER want to feel that way again! I know it's hard to take (atleast it was for me) but insulin is a part of your life now and you MUST take it to feel like a "normal" teen.

If you truly believe you are going into DKA, you'd do well to go to an ER, explain the situation, and get some fluids. Often by rehydrating you (because in DKA you ARE dehydrated) and improving your electrolyte imbalance, you can elminate those ketones and maintain a stable BG much quicker and can avoid full-blown DKA (which is a several-days-in-the-hospital ordeal). DKA is a huge strain on your kidneys and other organs.

So again, if you think you are in the beginning stages, it would pay to go to an ER NOW, rather than later, and get it all stabilized before its full-blown. They won't turn you away (at least they shouldn't; I was close once several years ago, went in and only had to stay about 6 hours before I was released)

This is an opportune teaching moment. Our lesson: take your damn insulin. Bad things happen when you don't. DKA can kill you.

Good for you for taking your insulin! You will still feel bad now, but you will feel much worse without your insulin.

Have you measured your blood sugar?

Drink lots of fluids and measure your blood sugar to keep correcting until you come down.

Please find someone that you can talk to about your struggles. You are not alone in these struggles. We have many members who struggle with diabulimia and many more who successfully overcame it! You can too! Believe in your power to take control by taking your insulin!

Michelle, I notice from your profile that you live somewhat close to me. If you ever need to talk/hang out with someone who KNOWS what it's like to face this disease, please feel free to let me know, and we'll get in contact.

I hope you are alright, please comment when you can to confirm this. Is anyone with you or are you alone in your home?

yes, I Will LEARN ...yes, I CAN LEARN ( because I will Learn , because I can Learn ) , repeat, repeat , repeat , repeat, repeat , repeat , repeat , repeat .......till you CAN and WILL learn ...hugs :)

Let us know how you're doing, ok? Giving in to stay alive is what you need to do every day. Only been DKA once & I hope to never feel that sick again.

ah crap! any update?

Please choose to live....please.

just got a post from Michelle:i'm still alive and kicking...not feeling very good and still spilling ketones, but better than yesterday..

What do you need Michelle to choose to live well and happy????

Glad to hear you're ok Michelle!