I'll start over tomorrow!

My son Pete came home and I really haved missed him. He wanted to go out for dinner and so we did. His favorite dinner … The Outback’s Alice Springs Chicken. I didn’t count calories, carbs or worry about sugar. I had the Alice Springs Chicken quesadillas, that yummy warm bread, a blue cheese pecan chopped salad and … a Gold Coast Margarita. We did skip dessert : ) Don’t know what my sugar will be tomorrow but it was a wonderful dinner with my son and husband.

Glad you enjoyed yourself, sounds yummy and I would have had 2 margaritas! lol

Sounds good! Our outback doesn’t offer that menu item. When I go to Outback I usually get the prime rib and two veggie items for sides. I skip the bread and the blooming onion that my boyfriend always order. Of course I was it all down with a couple of beers. :slight_smile:

well my Gluc was 135 the next morning. Really alo better than I expected. Should have gone for that second Margarita : )