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I had my ■■■ reamed by my endo, well sternly told to knock it off, on my last appointment about having my BG in the 60’s. I sit around 69 normally on a long fast, so I’m happy with that. I know I’m playing with fire, but…


but what?

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Ok, so let me weigh in. An average fasting blood sugar for a non-diabetic is 83 mg/dl and you weigh in with an 81 mg/dl average over the last 30 days. Don’t even try to tell me you aren’t running deliberate sustained hypos. If you measured the average for a non-diabetics, they would have an average of 90-110 mg/dl, not an 81 mg/dl. I’m very proud of your achievement, but this is “fire.” You may avoid hypos with very very tight control, but you won’t avoid hypounawareness. Keep this up and you will pay a price. I’d treat anything below 70 mg/dl, if you sit at 69 mg/dl, the treat it. Just my opinion.

I guess you don’t experience what I do…if I sustain a 60-70 range for more than a few hours I get a HORRIBLE headache. I have some days like this, where I’m just running a bit too low, and I always end up feeling like crap.

Kari - I am exactly opposite. If I’m above 100 for more than a couple hours (unless I am exercising) I get a horrible migraine that can last for days and is refractory to any drugs. So part of hanging low, is to prevent this. In the middle of Dec after my last endo appointment I tried to keep my BG in the 90-100 range by decreasing my lantus and adjusting my humalog ratio. I did that for about 2 weeks and I had a migraine or a bad headache for the entire time. I switched back to 70-90 about 10 days ago and my headache disappeared within 48 hours.

bsc - I know I am, trust me. I do treat in the 60’s with a small amount of carbs. I don’t like being below 70, but if my meter says 69, I’m just as happy as a 70 and will have a couple grams of carbs. I don’t run hypo. I can count on one hand the number of times in the past month I have been below 60 and I think 1 time in the 40’s when I completely guessed wrong on meal when I went out to eat with my wife. I already have hypo unawareness. I’ve had it since the day I was diagnosed. I’ve never felt low until the low 40’s. With that being said, I am very in tune with my body and if my stomach growls, I eat. I don’t even measure, I just eat. That is about the only sign I have if I am going to head low and it’s a pretty consistent way to measure it.