I'm 37

I’m 37 and home alone right now and pretty scared… this is why my A1c used to be 13.

Do you say “my blood sugar is _______” or that “I am _____”?

hey, you doing alright? Did you get some juice or something? I hope so.

I say both of those, but usually just "I am ___"
If the person i’m telling isn’t that familiar with my disease i’ll say the first one :slight_smile:

Let me know how you are


Hope your ok! Did your bgs go back up?
I say whatever I’ve only been in the 30’s once. But at 56 my sentences run together.
I hope you feel better.


Once in college, I was playing on a sports team (ultimate frisbee!), I ran off the field to check my blood sugar. One of my best friend’s was also on the field and when I came back she asked me:
“How are you?”

I responded, “I’m 187.”

Some people gave me some pretty strange looks! To answer your question, I usually say “I’m ___”.

I also get scared when I’m low and alone. :frowning:

You want strange looks? Next time just say “I’m high.” That’ll get you some strange looks.

ya, about that. This one time when i was about 15 I was in a store with my mom, I said to her “mom I feel really sick.” She turned around leaned in and firmly shouted “Joanie, are you high!!!” …everyone turned to look at me…not fun. We still laugh about that today though :slight_smile: Good times

HAHA that’s a great story!

I thought you were talking about your age, and for about 10 seconds was confused as hell over why a 37-year old woman would be scared to be home alone. And also that you look a lot younger than 37!

Maybe I need to check my own BG.

Haha, yeah I look good for my age. I know it’s so funny when people ask how you’re doing you automatically answer with a number. It’s like we’re robots, I love it.

haha I thought the same thing!

Hey you made it. Yeah 37…scary.

Yeah, I just haaaate getting low. I’ve had 3 too many siezures from going low in the middle of the night, it f’ing terrifies me now.

When you are THAT low: It is an emergency and you do not need to be alone. I have friends, relatives and 911 on speed dial. The numbers are 3,2,1 in order of calling sequence:
#3- my best friend, who lives 3 blocks away and talks me into treating and tells me what to do, as I often can be too foggy to remember

#2- my cousin, a mobile plumber who will also stay on the phone as he comes over and will talk me thorugh self-treatment as well while on the way.

Last resort if I cannot get a live voice on#3 or #2 is #1-911 , and I call and just say 'I am diabetic and I am VERY low" (They can trace your address if you cannot give it)
I have only had to dial 3 and 2, never had to dial 911 on my own, Have had medical attention from EMT’s only about 4-5 times in 41 years as a diabetic for Hypo events, so I normally take care of my own lows… My friends and family know how to come over and/or talk me through and will not leave me alone until I am over 75, by my request… If I am at work, I immediately go to the nurses office ( I work in a public school), or to another teacher’s room I tell them that I am feeling very low , and they help me to treat if I cannot do it on my own, Fortunately, this has not happenend to me very often, but more so as I aim for a lower a1c.I am trying to get a CGM, which may be hard to get as I do NOT have the technical hypo unawareness. I think it is defined in terms of frequency of events where help is needed.


Please do not take a 37 lightly… you can slip away into unconsciousness and seizures, as you mentioned,VERY Quickly if you do not treat it right away…

I was about to type “Happy Birthday”, until I read the message! Glad you are doing ok! I am often alone (with my small children) during lows, so I know how uncomfortable it can be. Hang in there!

I hear that, I live alone so it is also a worry I share, esp since it is difficult for me to feel the lows approaching. I just deal with them as best I can when it is that low. My biggest problem with them being that low is that I won’t think to call for help. I know I need carbs, but sometimes it is hard for me to process that fact and actually get them. I sometimes just stand there looking around the kitchen for a few, lol… oh well

how funny, I do the same thing. Sometimes just pace in the kitchen, knowing I need carbs, but then passing them every time…the silly things we do sigh

i thought that too until i read your reply Jason, and i started laughing at myself :slight_smile: I think its because my BG is 40

most of the time i say “my BG”

yesterday my BG was 38! scaryyyy

Haha that is funny but so true. My best friend is also diabetic so I’m sure you can imagine the dialog when we go out to eat!! We’ve had some strange looks that’s for sure!!

“are you high?”
“no are you?”
“no but I was really high last night”
“that’s not good! Did you shoot up?”
“yeah, then I was okay”

I thought the same thing. I read it five times then had to scroll down to figure out why you were so scared haha…and I’m not low!