I'm a survivor

As I’ve mentioned in some of my post, I’m not diabetic, but I am a survivor. I say that because I was born with Hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”) and wasn’t supposed to live more than two (2) years and never move! The thing that the doctor(s) didn’t take into consideration was God’s purpose for putting me here and the fact that He might have different ideas than they did. Well . . .coming up in October I turn 48 years-old . . .just two years short of the half-century mark and I am still going strong. “Arthr” (arthritis) has caused me to slow down a little, but I’m still able to do the things I enjoy including working for the Red Cross, obtaining my Technician Class Amateur Radio License, and serving as an Elder in my church. That’s not all . . .in the Winter I’m planning to go back to the local technical school and get my Paramedic certification! (I’ve been a First Responder since 1986).

See what I mean about being a survivor?

Wow-just found your blog-I’m new here. Very inspiring. Reminds me again-it’s not up to the “experts” it is up to THE ONLY EXPERT.
I am so happy for you that you are continuing to learn and expand you horizons! You are indeed a survivor!